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Kunda means bowl, or cave, and refers to the bowl of fire of consciousness resting in the first chakra at the base of the spine. Lini refers to that which resides in that bowl. Kundala means coiled, as the Shakti forms in a coil there.

Experienced yogis and mystics tell us that the kundalini, a very powerful internal energy or fire can activate the chakras. In Christianity this is known as the Sacred Fire of purification. Other beliefs systems will have a concept very similar to a fire of purification which burns away sins, or Karma. Please note that we associate the word sins with a negative connotation, however karma on the other hand is not judged as negative or positive, it just is. Anyone who tells you otherwise is probably not too clear on their understanding of karma. The activation, balancing and cleansing of the chakras with the kundalini enables the individual to master the properties of the chakras, which range from supreme confidence to enligtenment or spiritual bliss otherwise known as Satchitanand. Where Sat means Truth, Chit means Consciousness and Anand means Bliss.


The Kundalini energy lies dormant in everyone until they experience an awakening. This awakening can occur spontaneously, which is rare, through dedicated meditation, as a result of a truama or intense emotional experience or through a Shakti Pat, or initiation. The kundalini is represented by a sleeping snake which is coiled up three and a half times, and rises up from its dormant position near the base of the spine and the genital area, hence it is also called The Serpent Power. Once activated it moves up through each chakra and various knots until it reaches the crown of the individual. The most important knots or areas of difficulty for the passage of the Kundalini are said to be at the throat and near the crown. It is a very intelligent energy and will not rest until it reaches its destination the crown. Once activate the kundalini feminine shakti will not rest until it has joined YOGA with the masculine Shiva which is the energy at the crown chakra and above. At this point the duality that we experience has been crossed and the indivdual has reached a point of unity with themselves and the world around them. This is the experience that yogis and mystics spend their lives and often lifetimes trying to attain.

The kundalini consists of a central channel of energy called the Sushumna which runs from the base of the spine to the crown and pierces each chakra as it goes. In addition to this two major channels called the Ida and Pingala also exist which criss cross through the chakras and up the spine and terminate at the nasal passages, opening out to the nose. They have the solar and lunar qualities, two polar opposites. The Solar quality is warm in nature, and is the Pingala which terminates in the right nostril. The Lunar quality is cool in nature, and is the Ida which terminates in the left nostil. Thousands of nadis, 72,000 likened to nerves cover the body, where this matrix crosses over repeatedly a chakra is formed.

Shiva and Shakti: Tantra considers the universe to be a manifestation of pure consciousness. Through this process of manifesting, consciousness divides itself into two parts, which, though seeming to be separate, cannot exist without one another.

Shiva remains as a static, formless quality. Shakti is a dynamic, creative aspect.

All major religious belief systems incorporate the kundalini in one way or another. This information has been kept top secret for years, in fact 5 years ago there was very little information available but do a Google search now for kundalini and you have a multitude of resources.

If you have ever wondered if there is more to life than sex, drugs and rock and roll, or if you are simply not content with the superficial answers you are getting then chances are your chakras are guiding you to take action and work with them.