Lake Geneva: The Abbey Resort – My recommendation

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When it comes to staying at a resort in the Lake Geneva area, you essentially have a choice between the Grand located in Lake Geneva or The Abbey located in nearby Fontana. Foremost, resorts are best for couples seeking a romantic getaway and secondly, for families with older teens. What it really comes down to when choosing between these two resorts, is personal preference. They are very similar in their offerings and service.

If you plan on enjoying the City of Lake Geneva, Grand Geneva would be the resort of choice, however, I find that many couples who have experienced The Abbey are very satisfied with their stay. So it’s difficult to go wrong either way.

Lake Geneva: The Abbey Resort   My recommendation

Following the Abbey’s renovation this year, it is definitely a resort that’s worth looking into. Comparable to the nearby Grand Geneva Resort located in Lake Geneva, the Abbey offers high class accommodations for pleasure seeking tourist.