Lake Shasta Dam and Lake Shasta Caverns

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Should you tour the Lake Shasta dam or the Lake Shasta caverns? I think both would be great.
With so much to do around the Lake its hard to choose what to do. Most things cost money like the Shasta Caverns.

Which is beautiful and a great experience…..
Then there is Shasta Dam and it is a mighty fine Dam. One thing is for Dam sure. You must take the Shasta Dam tour it’s free. If you are on your dam houseboat enjoying a dam good time head over to the Shasta Dam.

Lake Shasta Dam and Lake Shasta Caverns

Getting to the tour is easy. Head toward the dam and park your houseboat on the left (east) side of the Dam stake off and head up the hill and when you get to the top you will see a nice park with a building there. It is full of great history and information on the dam. I believe the tours run every hour all year round except winter holidays.

Shasta Caverns! the other cool thing to do and see is the Shasta Caverns. located across form Holiday Harbor on the Mcloud Arm. If you have a houseboat you can tie up in their cove and hop on a bus that takes you up the mountain. It is a ride and a half.

Swimming holes: Ok so there are a few springs and swimming holes that few people know of.