LaShun Beal Bio

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Painter (1962- )

Traveling the world as a member of the United States Marine Corps, LaShun Beal experienced culture in various parts of the world. His travels took him to Europe, South America and the Far East.

Beal has always loved being creative. He realized early that he wanted to be an artist. Mainly self-taught, Beal has taken some art classes.

His first job was as an illustrator for a printing company in his home town of Detroit, Michigan. His desire was to create fine art using his own images. A student of African American history, Beal recognizes and appreciates the work of African American artists who preceded him. For over ten years, he has applied himself to his profession.

Acrylic is Beal’s medium of choice. He has developed an image, the “Universal Woman”, which represents the many women around the world.

LaShun Beal Bio