Laurel’s Printmaking Gallery of Etchings

Elvis Elvis

By now you all know how much I love the wax resist medium of batik. I have worked with it on and off most of my life and even though I go and dabble in other medias and techniques, I always end up back at my batik. The more I learn about other medias, the stronger my ability to express myself in the wax resist medium of batik becomes. I can’t say that I get bored with batik, but I do get interested in other mediums like printmaking and go off on a rabbit trail, then before you know it, I am back dreaming up ideas for the wax resist!

I would like to share some of my etchings with you.

The columbine etching you see below is one of the first times I used the Colorado State Flower as a subject for my artwork. I have seen them many times in the wild and they are sooooo beautiful. Don’t be suprised if you see them again and again in my work, I adore their graceful lines and gentle color.

Title: Colorado Columbine

Laurels Printmaking Gallery of Etchings

The next example of my printmaking is of a Christmas Card I did once. I really only made enough original prints for my family and closest friends. This type of printmaking is a lot of work, read on and you will understand why.

You know the etching technique is very much like batik in a way. We used a zinc plate and we covered it with a wax resist layer. Next we scratched through the wax to expse the metal underneath to start our design and then we submerged it in a acid bath. We continued this step of scratching more of the design into the wax resist to expose the zinc underneath and submerging it in the acid bath several times until we ended up with the effect we wanted. After the design was complete, we removed the wax resist layer and rubbed ink into the relief design on the plate. We used water soaked paper, similar to watercolor paper and then laid that on top of the plate and ran it through a big printing press. It was quite the process! I would like to do it again sometime, but it does take very special materials. Very unlike the art of batik!

I have talked about my uneasiness of drawing the human body in proportion other places on my sight. I remember working really hard on the drawing of my hand in the plans for this etching and to my suprise it was fairly successful!

Title: Praising Hands at Christmas

Laurels Printmaking Gallery of Etchings

I included these last two examples of my etchings just so you could see some of my other work. The “Floating Cubes” and “Abstract Plant” doesn’t really fit my style very well, but when I was creating these prints I was doing a lot of non-objective work. I do like to work with patterns and textures, too bad we had to use brown ink or I could have included some wonderfully bright colors as well. I get to use all the expressive colors I want in my wax resist batiks!

Title: Abstract Plant

Laurels Printmaking Gallery of Etchings

Special Note: I know I have only included examples of my etchings in this gallery. I have also worked with different types of mono-printing, woodcuts, colographs, glue prints, and many, many others.