Lead Guitar Lessons.. (ARRGH! Under Construction)

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Lead Guitar Lessons.. (ARRGH! Under Construction)

Anything can be learned in time with practice, and with these lead guitar lessons you’ll stay on track with what you want to learn and accomplish, whether you’re a beginner or more experienced.

Lead guitar isn’t about playing as fast as possible so the notes become a senseless blur, nor is it about showing off your neo-classical composition skills (although that would indeed turn heads). It’s about expressing personal emotion as though you’re speaking through the guitar.

Eric Clapton, love or hate him, never really played fast or overtly dynamic lead guitar, but he developed an individual style. He mastered the art of personal expression.

That’s why I think lead guitar lessons should be about teaching you warm up exercises, scales and playing techniques, NOT about what to play and how to play it – that’s ultimately up to you, and I wouldn’t want to get in the way of that natural process!

10-20 minutes of your time in this lesson and you’ll be ready to solo over our jam track. Strictly for beginners, this lesson covers a couple of commonly used lead scales in rock, introduces you to an essential lead picking technique and includes exercises to loosen up your finger and picking movements.

Lead Guitar Lessons – Useful Stuff

Get a free metronome!

Metronomes help you keep rhythm and timing with your lead guitar. It’s important to use some kind of rhythm check on your playing from day 1, even though it is like chinese water torture…


Use the following exercise to warm up those fingers for 10 minutes. Use each string and go up and down the fretboard as much as possible using alternate picking…

 Lead Guitar Lessons.. (ARRGH! Under Construction)