Learn about decorating basics that fit with your decor and theme

The decorating basics are defined as simply bringing together a collection of colors and textures to create a sense of balance, harmony and comfort.

But in order to bring everything together uniformly, you have to be able to focus attention on each element one at a time.

You’ll see the room as it takes shape and you’ll be able to make any corrections, if necessary, before the project moves forward.

However, not everyone starts out with a bare room. Many times, a few minor changes may be all that’s necessary to enhance the look of themed decorating.

But even if the idea is just to change out a few pieces of furniture or a carpet, you will still want to look at the entire picture to make sure that all of the elements work together to create harmony and interest.

However, if the plan is to decorate a room from scratch, here’s the most effect order for creating a beautifully themed decor:

  • Select a color scheme that consists of three or four complementary and/or compatible colors.
  • Determine the type of flooring or carpet that fits in with your chosen decorating theme. Some of the most popular types of flooring are tile, hardwood, parquet, bamboo, linoleum and carpet.
  • Choose the method for creating wall decor. Walls can be painted, plastered, wallpapered, paneled, or decorated in fabric. Take into consideration what type of room you’re decorating (bedroom, bath, kitchen, etc.) its size and lighting, both natural and artificial.

Once these three decorating basics have been completed, move on with the remainder of your tasks in this order:

  • Choose your furnishings.
  • Determine fabrics styles, colors and textures.
  • Select window treatments such as shutters, venetian or wood blinds, shades or vertical blinds.
  • Choose lighting fixtures including wall mounted lighting chandeliers, table and standing lamps.
  • Select home accents…the icing on the cake! This includes candles and candle holders, plants and silk plants, wall prints, paintings, tapestries, knick knacks and other decorative accessories.

Keep in mind that these decorating tasks revolve entirely around the color scheme, floor and walls.

This is why it’s essential to do the foundation of the room first. It would be extremely difficult to choose furniture and fabrics before walls and floors have been completed.

Your surroundings and environment have a huge impact in determining mood, either consciously or subconsciously.

This is why it’s so important to decorate in a way that pleases yourself and sparks positive emotional responses in family members, friends and guests.

These decorating basics are the perfect starting points and will lay a sturdy foundation for all of your decorating plans!