Learn about each month in a calender year

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Here are the months in a calendar year. Discuss with your kid what happens each month.

What happens during this month

January ��

February ��

March ��

April ��

May ��

June ��

July ��

August ��

September ��

October ��

November ��

December ��

Kids month games

1. Print out this calendar.

2. Let your little kids draw pictures about that month.

3. If possible, get your kids to write a few words about what is special that month.

4. Get them to spell out each month.

5. Get each kid to draw a birthday cake in a square beside his birth month.

6. Write the name of each festival you celebrate in the box beside the month of the festival. For example, if you celebrate Christmas, write Christmas in the box beside December. Later this year, after the festival, get your kid to write a few words about it in the next box.

7. Pin up the calendar so that your kid can see it.

8. Put a little star beside each kid’s birthday.