Learn about the Lake Geneva Hotels and Resorts

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Below I give a summary of all the hotels which I list in the accommodations section of this site (excluding Bed and Breakfasts). This should give you a good idea of which hotels you would want to consider for your stay in Lake Geneva.

Lake Geneva Resorts

Grand Geneva
Stay and the Grand Geneva Resort if…you’re a couple seeking a romantic getaway in the vicinity of Lake Geneva, if you’re a family seeking high-class accommodations, or if you are a group looking for plenty to do during your stay- especially if you plan on taking a visit or two to the nearby Lake Geneva.

Abbey Resort
When it comes to staying at a resort in the Lake Geneva area, you essentially have a choice between the Grand located in Lake Geneva or The Abbey located in nearby Fontana. Foremost, resorts are best for couples seeking a romantic getaway and secondly, for families with older teens. What it really comes down to when choosing between these two resorts, is personal preference. They are very similar in their offerings and service.

Learn about the Lake Geneva Hotels and Resorts

Lake Geneva Hotels

Timber Ridge
If you’ve got kids, definitely read the ‘more info’ section below. Timber Ridge offers a lot for its guests and deserves your attention especially if you think that you’d be interested in the ‘extras’ provided by nearby Grand Geneva.

Mill Creek Hotel
Mill Creek definitely deserves your attention as it gets overall good reviews not only from visitors but from myself as well. If you’re looking for an affordable, romantic place to stay downtown Lake Geneva, the Mill Creek may just be for you.

Comfort Suites
Stay at the Comfort Suites if you’re looking for a place that is affordable, offers good service and is within a close walk of downtown Lake Geneva. One of the biggest compliments of Comfort Suites is that it is not in the middle of downtown; so you won’t have to worry about nightime noise from late-goers.

Lake Geneva LakeFront Hotels

The Cove
If you are a family and want a place that is not only affordable but also one that is downtown Lake Geneva, The Cove may just fit your needs.

The Geneva Inn
The Geneva Inn is a great place to stay if you are a couple seeking high-class, romantic accommodations in a cozy, inviting location that is not immediately downtown but only a few minutes away.

Bella Vista Suites
The Bella Vista Suites is comparable to the Geneva Inn (above) as it is perfect for couples seeking high-class, romantic accommodations. The Bella Vista Suites, however, is located downtown Lake Geneva.