Learn about the solar energy supplies

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Wondering why this craze about solar energy supplies?

Because with every passing day we are losing out on our natural non renewable energy resources and that has compelled us to look for alternative energy forms. Of all the alternative energy forms known to man, solar energy happens to be the most popular one. It is a clean fuel source and can be effectively tapped with the advanced gadgets we have.

Some of the popular solar energy supplies available in the market include

  • Solar Lighting Systems
  • Solar Panels
  • Solar Heating systems
  • Solar cells
  • Solar powered vehicles

Let us have a quick look at these solar energy products that can help us tap into one of the major fuel sources of the future.

Solar Lighting Systems

The most obvious way in which the sun’s energy has been used since the early days has been by incorporating design and structural elements which allow natural sunlight to brighten the space. Today we have something known as hybrid solar lighting to provide interior illumination. The HSL systems are very much in demand today and can transmit up to 50% of the solar energy received from the Sun.

Solar Panels

Solar panels have been extensively used by man to convert the heat energy of Sun rays to other usable form of energy. Silicon is the most commonly used material to manufacture solar panels. There are photovoltaic solar panels that have the capacity to convert solar energy to electricity directly and then there are Solar thermal panels that are extensively used for heating purposes. Solar panel finds use in space crafts, battery chargers and water heaters among others.

Solar Heating systems

Solar energy supplies for heating systems are abundant in the market. Solar heating systems consist of a collection of solar thermal collectors, a water storage tank, interconnecting pipes and fluid system. Moving from the composition to its application, solar heating systems can be used for home, business and industrial purposes like heating swimming pools, under floor heating or for energy input for space heating or cooling. The only challenge however is using solar heating systems in winter when there is little or no sun light; in such cases storing solar heat in the ground or in ground water is an option.

Learn about the solar energy supplies

Solar cells

Solar cells are used in calculators, emergency road signs, call boxes and they have also been used to power street lights. The most common of them all is the solar powered calculators, which will never need batteries as long as there is light and some don’t even have an on/off button! On an average sunny day the sun’s rays give approximately 1,000 watts of energy per square meter of the earth’s surface. This energy can be tapped into, stored and distributed in the form of Solar cells.

Solar powered vehicles

Solar powered vehicles have made their presence felt, though they are yet to become one of the mainstream commutation medium. If you observe any of the solar powered vehicles then you will see that it has a wide wing design. The reason is pretty straight forward. It is essential for the vehicle to receive as much of sun rays as possible, hence the high surface area provided by such a design enables more energy storage for powering the vehicle. The design however has not impressed many because of other inconveniences associated with it.

The fact of the matter is that when it comes to transportation we have not made significant advancements in making use of solar energy supplies as we have done in other aspects of our daily life. So this sector badly needs to go green to prevent our future on this planet.

So, with a whole range of products we can surely get started on the “Solar revolution” which can give us a safe and healthy lifestyle in the years to come.

Where to Buy

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