Learn How to Pump Your Breast Milk in Public

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… because we love our babies and our freedom!

The thought of pumping their breast milk in public would send a lot of moms screaming out of fear but there’s really no reason to. As they say, “knowledge is power” and that is certainly true here.

Before I continue, I would like to congratulate you on even considering the idea of expressing your milk away from home. If you have the courage to do so, not only will your baby benefit but you will too.


* Working Moms- Most of us have to go back to work sometime but that doesn’t mean we stop nursing our babies.

* Traveling Moms – Working moms travel too!

* Keep up your milk supply – Most of us desperately need a break, weather it be working, taking classes (school or crafty), we will be away from our babies and to keep up your milk supply so you can continue to nurse at home.

* Baby’s in the Hospital – Some babies need that extra time to stay in the hospital to grow strong enough to go home. During that time, mom needs to express for the baby who is too weak to nurse the traditional way.

* Cheaper than Formula – Hello! It’s free! Take the extra time to keep your milk supply up and save yourself a lot of money on formula and give your baby the best start in life.

* Damaged Nipples – Some mothers end up with damaged nipples that are excruciating to have their babies continue to nurse on but need to keep up their milk supply and give the damaged nipple time to heal.

Learn How to Pump Your Breast Milk in Public


* Airport- Some airports actually have nursing rooms that you may use, or find a quiet spot where they would check you in for a flight that is empty, or use a restroom (keep in mind the sanitary factor with that one)

* Restroom – I think of this one as a last resort as I mentioned above, the sanitary conditions aren’t exactly ideal.

* Internet Cafe – Quite a few internet cafes have almost cubicle-type areas like you would find in an office that are relatively private

* In Your Car – Of course you have windows all around you but if you park in a place that’s relatively private without much traffic around you, you will most likely feel quite comfortable.

* A Nursing Room – Probably the most ideal place since most are private and if it’s not, anyone coming in would be a mom there for the same or similar reasons.

* Find a Private Office – For those that at work, see if there is a private office or room that you can use. Make sure that your employer understands your needs and I’m sure that if you’re honest with them, they’ll give you all of the space you require.

What Supplies Do I Need?

* Adapter- If you’re planning on being in your car, purchase an adapter to plug into your cigarette lighter.

* Batteries – Most run on batteries so you can express anywhere and don’t have to rely on an outlet. Make sure you keep extras with you, it would be awful to have them run out when you’re not done.

* Pumping Bra or Bustier – Yes there is such a thing! Most of these are made to be used with any breast pump. A great thing if you want to do both breasts at the same time and be hands-free or to pull your shirt over so people won’t even notice.

* Breast Pump Backpack – All packed up in one convenient case to take anywhere! Most are available in black nylon backpacks so it’s not obvious what you’re carrying!

* Quiet Breast Pump – Do your research (or wait until I get mine done and up!). There are quiet breast pumps out there. Read reviews from other parents to find what they have thought of the product they bought or go to a message board and ask!

* Keep Bottles in your Purse – For those desperate times when you’re engorged and very uncomfortable. Express your milk by hand into the bottle to relieve the pressure.

* Nursing Cover – Keep a nursing cover (like you would use when breastfeeding in public) or a large scarf to cover yourself when you’re not able to find a private area.