Learn how to skate

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Before you can learn how to skate and do tricks, you need to know how to push. Before you know how to push though, you should read up on the different ways there are to ride a skateboard. I hope you know how you want to learn to ride your board. It doesn’t matter which way, but you shouldn’t keep trying to change it. Stick with one way to ride and I promise you will get better faster than trying to learn both ways.

You need to know how to push your skateboard to be able to get around. Sometimes you can get around pushing by using ramps and hills. If you like to skate in the streets however, most of the time you will need to push. Without being able to pick up speed a lot of obstacles would be impossible to get over or around.

Being able to keep your balance and push your skateboard is fundamental. It may not be talked about often, but you should spend a lot of time in the beginning just learning how to get around well on your board. Learning how to skate takes some time. You will probably look foolish for a while, but if you keep at it, you can get better quickly.

Now I’ll talk a little about the main ideas behind pushing your skateboard. You’ll want to keep one foot on the board while pushing. The foot on your board needs to steer your board while the other is pushing against the ground.

Your foot that is using the ground will be using the ball of your foot. I find that if you make larger pushes you can get up to speed faster. This will require using your whole foot to push though. It is going to take a lot of practice to be able to balance on your skateboard, so don’t feel bad if you don’t get the hang of it right away.

Learn how to skate

Learn how to skate

The same kind of motion you use to push your board can be used to help you stop your board. All you need to do is make a pushing motion, but instead of going with the ground, you push against it. You can’t come to a complete stop when you’re learning this, so don’t try to, but it can help you slow down.

Another way to slow down is to drag your foot against the ground. This requires a little more balance than just pushing. All you need to do is take your one foot off your board and put it against the ground. You need to balance well with your other foot. Your foot against the ground will act as a brake and you will slow down.

I don’t usually do this however. It can ruin a new pair of shoes very quickly. I can’t afford new shoes every week, so I don’t like to mess them up this way.

There you have it. The basics to getting your skateboard to move. I hope this article helped you a little. I do realize that there’s no way to learn how to skate simply by reading an article. You will need to go outside and practice to fully understand it. Good luck and I hope you’re out there enjoying skateboarding.