Learn how to snap a football?

Learning how to snap a football correctly and effectively takes a great deal of practice. As with other skills, it is important to start out slowly and systematically to understand and utilize the right techniques.

To become an efficient snapper — an invaluable asset to your team during every game, it will mean a lot of independent training and dedication on your behalf. However, taking the time to learn the correct technique and becoming fast, accurate, and long in your abilities will pay big dividends in the long run.

Learn the correct stance that is right you. Then progress onto the mechanics required for good snap action. Start out slowly and methodically. Don’t get discouraged. Good skills take time to develop.

Starting techniques of how to snap a football

Set yourself up in the correct leg and hand positions as you hold the ball out in front of you. Start by pulling both arms through your legs with equal balanced energy. Your throwing hand will move barely above the ground as your arms move through your legs.

Learn how to snap a football?

Keep your second hand on the top of the ball while pulling through. Your throwing hand will work similar to when you’re passing a football (with the exception that the action is between your legs), while your non-throwing hand works as a stabilizer.

Rolling your wrists

In learning how to snap a football, as your hands move backward to snap the ball, your throwing-hand wrist should begin to roll in such a manner that it puts your index finger over the top of the football so that your finger now points toward the defense. At this point pull your index finger and your hand toward your forearm on that side as the ball is released.

When rolling your wrists, your non-throwing hand should roll to the bottom of the football. It is important to keep your non-throwing wrist flexed at the beginning of the snap. When releasing the snap, pull your non-throwing-side palm toward your forearm on that side, creating a rotation on the football.

Finish the snap with your fingers pointing toward the defense, just as with your throwing-arm hand. The action of the non-throwing hand is that this hand acts as a guide and helps to direct the ball during and after the snap.

How to snap a football summary

When learning how to snap a football it is important to understand the correct delivery. Both of your hands should complete the snap with your fingers pointing in the direction of the defense. Both of your palms should also now be pointing up and out.

When snapping the ball, it is important that the ball rolls out of your hands in a counter-clockwise spiral direction (if right-handed) and through your fingertips. The follow-through action of your throwing-hand should feel similar to shooting a basket in basketball in that your wrist and fingers keep moving well after the ball has been released.

Your first attempts when learning how to snap a football will likely be difficult. When you are first learning, do not attempt to snap long distances. Start out working toward shorter yardage targets and don’t get discouraged. You will eventually begin to gain a better feel for the spiral movement of the snap and become more comfortable with the mechanics.