Learn how to type

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I have included typing because in this day of computers it makes good sense to learn the keyboard. It is so much easier to write with the computer as opposed to long hand, and so much easier still if you can touch type. It is enough to get them to write a rough draft, but then just try getting them to copy it. How much easier all of that is on the computer!

My two girls both showed an interest in learing how to type. They were both anxious to be able to complete their writing assignments on the computer.

But we found that learning HOW to type was not so easy. The task brought with it much frustration and both of my girls made more than one attempt trying to master this skill.

This is, however, the perfect example of the home schooling “experience”. I found that when they were having trouble with a new skill, such as typing, it made sense to back off. Leave it alone for awhile. Get back to it later, but not until they are ready. We probably did this three different times with each of them. And with other subjects as well.


1. “Typing Instructor Deluxe”

Computer software which provides lessons, tests, paractice material, and typing games suited for individual skill levels. They even offer a selection of background music to listen to while practicing.

2. “Typing The Easy Way” second edition by Barron’s

This book we picked up at the library buck a bag book sale. It reminds me of the texts we used in my high school typing class. It stands up and has 60 different lessons including timed tests.
Learn how to type

My 13 year old started using the computer software a couple of years ago. She would do the lessons for a while, grow impatient, stop for awhile and then go back to it again. When I brought the book home from the library it sat on our shelf for some time. She had not been practicing her typing for awhile and decided she would try the book. That is when the whole thing “clicked” . She made her way through the lessons and she was typing! After that she went back to the computer program to do the games and drills thus honing in her skills. Now she is able to do all of her written work on the computer. What a perferct example this is of the home schooling experience!!

We had basically the same scenerio with my 10 year old. She got frustrated with the whole process and gave up more than once. But her desire to learn to type always won out and now she too is doing most of her written work on the computer. She still struggles a little, but time and practice will fix that.