Learn How You Can Use The Power of Now

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At the start of his excellent book, The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment, author Eckhart Tolle tells the story of a beggar who had been sitting on an old box by the side of the road for over thirty years. One day the beggar asks a passing stranger for some change, as he always does.

This particular stranger, however, has no change to give. Instead he asks the beggar about the box he’s sitting on. It turns out that although the beggar has been sitting on the box for as long as he can remember, he has never looked inside. He claims to know that the box is empty, but the stranger insists that he look inside. When the beggar pries open the box, he discovers that it’s filled with gold.

The Gold Within

Tolle uses this story to show that we don’t have to look outside ourselves to find true wealth – we already have it. Some of us have just forgotten how to access it, and that’s what being in “the now” is all about. By learning to use the power of now, we learn to tap into our higher consciousness and our power to realize our true selves. Full self-realization is enlightenment, but the journey there is a big part of creating life abundance!

As we mention on the “Be Here Now” Hub Page, neither the past nor the future exist anywhere other than in our minds. It sometimes takes a shift in thinking to look at things this way, but it pays off hugely in both increased personal effectiveness and reduced stress – not to mention “higher level” functions such as spiritual growth and awareness.

Learn How You Can Use The Power of Now

Working with the Power of Now

First, adjust your perception if you need to. Find reasons to be grateful. Perception is creation, and no matter what your “now” is like, you have things to be grateful for. The very fact that you’re coherent and reading these words gives you one reason to be grateful; I’m sure you can find more. The powerful positive emotion of gratitude sets up a strong foundation upon which to create your experience.

Next, relax! Be here now, and don’t get upset if your present “now” isn’t the one you want. Trust me, everything in your “now” is exactly what you need at this exact moment – even if it’s not what you want. It’s up to you to realize this and be happy and grateful for it… no matter how things may look at this time. It’s often the negative things in our “now” that push us to take action to improve them.

Let Go!

Focus on the present moment. Become an observer of your experience, and actively participate in whatever actions you’re performing – no matter how “mindless” a task you might be doing. You can always do things mindfully, and being mindful – really experiencing what you’re doing – is a big part of tapping into the power of now and enjoying your life experience.

Letting go of the past and the future is what the power of now is all about. Neither of them exist, so why worry about them? As many of us are in the habit of imagining negative futures, it’s no surprise that we often experience them. The key to changing this is to just be here now. Let go of the past and future, focus on what you’re doing, and envision and experience the “now” you desire.

Benefits of the Power of Now

As you practice this you’ll experience such “internal” benefits as increased mindfulness, better concentration, higher awareness, reduced stress and a more relaxed outlook. You’ll also experience “external” benefits like increased productivity and effectiveness, better relationships with co-workers, employees and/or customers and clients, increased success in hobbies and leisure activities, and many more benefits.

You should also find that your envisioned life experience begins to manifest itself. As you stay focused on the now and act “as if” what you want is already in your experience, you impress that experience on your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind then goes to work to create it for you.

Remember: you always create and manifest what we focus on, and there is only “now” in which to create it. The power of now is that as long as you focus on having what you want now, you will be able to manifest it!