Learn how your baby turns play into knowledge

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Educational Tips for Your Baby

It’s never too early to get your baby interested in language. At 8 months she will particularly enjoy looking at colourful picture books, listening to nursery rhymes, songs and stories, even if she doesn’t understand them fully.

That is why it is important to look at books together, name the animals and objects and repeat the names. As she gets to recognise the words easily, play another game which baby enjoys immensely.

Look at a picture of the cat that you’ve often named for her, and say: “Is this a dog?, No silly mommy, it’s a CAT! “Is this a tree? No, it’s a… CAR!” When she starts to use words herself, she will love playing this game and correct your errors!

Books for Babies

Educational Baby Books: Baby turns play into knowledge. The curiosity of young babies is unbounded. With every day that passes, your baby is learning from each new experience and taking an active role in developing her own intelligence.

Learn how your baby turns play into knowledge

Part of that play is books. Even young babies like to look at colourful picture books.

Educational baby books are categorised into concepts:-

  • Alphabet
  • Colors
  • Counting
  • Sense and Sensation
  • Size and Shape
  • Time
  • Opposites
  • Words
  • General

Each of these concepts covers all aspects of the baby’s development. It is important to make this a game with your baby and make the learning fun. It is amazing how quickly she picks up words, colours, shapes etc!

Learn how your baby turns play into knowledge

All babies love to hear nursery rhymes. Especially when the song is accompanied by a colourful picture book.

Classic examples of Nursery Rhyme Books are:

  • Old Mother Goose
  • Little Miss Muffett
  • Humpty Dumpty
  • Wee Willie Winkie

You can sing a long to the nursery rhymes pointing at the pictures in the book. Your baby won’t exactly understand what you are singing, but they know this is fun and it brings a smile to their face. Soon they will start understanding the words and associate them with the pictures.

Videos for Babies

Baby Einstein Videos are hugely popular with moms for the development of their baby. The Baby Einstein Company have produced a number of videos especially made for the development of babies in a variety of ways.

Learn how your baby turns play into knowledge

Each video is designed to inspire the baby in areas such as music, art and shakesphere. The most popular Baby Einstein Videos are:

  • Baby Mozart
  • Baby Bach
  • Baby Van Gogh
  • Baby Shakesphere

All the videos are well presented, very colourful where you can point to the screen and teach your baby the objects on the screen while listening to some classical music in the background. Your baby will love these!

Learn how your baby turns play into knowledge

Baby Song Videos are a great way to get your baby in preparation for talking. Much like the musician who tunes his instrument before a concert, your baby uses babbling to attune his vocal apparatus in preparation for speaking. So why not help tune your baby’s vocals by singing along with her to a baby song video.