Learn More About The History Of Sushi

Sushi has been around for centuries it was not made from the desire for novelty, but for economic needs from trying to preserve fish an important source of protein. The first sushi was started by salting fish and pickled it in fermented rice.

Although sushi was not originated from Japan but from rice growing region in northern southeast Asia, where the primordial method is still used.

The method of making sushi did spread through china but soon disappeared during the thirteenth century, when the Mongolian subjugated the country introducing different food culture.

The Japanese did bring this practice to there homeland, no one can say with accuracy when sushi first cross to Japan. The earliest writing appeared in the eighth century A.D. over the centuries, this ancient form of sushi evolved into one of the most famous cuisine today.

During the fourteen century, sushi began to change due the increase of rice production, rice was still an expensive food, and the Japanese people believe that rice shouldn’t be wasted in preserving fish.

So a new type of sushi was evolved into something called nama nare-zushi or short-pickled sushi. It was fermented in a shorter time which make it mildly tart, because the rice didn’t disintegrate, it was good to eat along with fish.

Learn More About The History Of Sushi

By the seventeenth century, the Japanese began producing rice vinegar it was inspired to develop a even faster sushi. Rice vinegar and sake, rice wine, now served as preserving agent in place of lactic-acid fermentation. Originally when fermented fish was taken out of the rice the fish is kept to consume and the rice is discarded.

By the nineteenth century, haya-zushi quick sushi, had almost nearly replace the old method of preserving fish in fermented rice. Although haya-zushi was a faster way of making sushi, it was also found to slow.

During the beginning of the mercantile age in Japan, artisans and busy merchant needed fast lunch; travelers wanted something tasty. Eventually oshi-zushi, press sushi was involve. Sushi have been evolve throughout Japan, and is still continuing to grow. Today, there are many types of sushi not only is there raw sushi, but also cooked or fried, new creation are evolving with new ages.

Learn More About The History Of Sushi

Learn More About The History Of Sushi

Sushi restaurants are everywhere in Japan, and around the globe some restaurants around the world use conveyor-belt which is called (Kaiten-zushi), and is very popular in Japan. The plates with sushi is rotated through customers this form made sushi dining affordable to ordinary people.

If you prefer a real sushi experience a traditionally sushi bar restaurant is preferable, because you’ll get the actually dining experience.

Sushi will continue to grow, and is getting more popular new form of sushi are invented by sushi chef everyday, but sadly traditionally one are being left behind, but is very popular in Japan today. Sushi will always be here and will always cater to all people young and old…