Learn more about the Wireless Driveway Alarms

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Wireless driveway alarms are becoming more popular these days, as they offer yet another way to keep your home safe from intruders. Whether a burglar is looking to break into your garage or gain entry to your home, driveway alarms can be effective deterrents.

Most driveway alarm systems use motion detection as a way to alert you to the presence of someone in the driveway. When they sense motion in the selected area, a signal is sent to a receiver. In most cases, the receiver will be located in your home. An alerting sound of some sort will let you know when someone is coming up the driveway. For more reliability, look for a system with a receiver that plugs into your wall, but also has battery backup.

A wireless driveway alarm should have a range of at least 100 feet; however, you should make sure you find a model that best fits the dimensions of your property. There are models that even offer multiple transmitters and receivers so that you can equip multiple driveways and even sidewalks if you so desire. If you are shopping for wireless driveway alarms, you must keep in mind that they will go up in price for longer range and more transmitters and receivers. It is up to you to weigh the cost benefit ratio for your particular situation before making a purchase.

Learn more about the Wireless Driveway Alarms

When installing driveway alarm systems you must be aware of the area in which you are setting the sensors and transmitters. Most driveway wireless alarm systems are designed to put up with varying weather. Still, though, they should be placed in an area that is reasonably protected to prevent false alarms. While most of the systems are designed to keep working through rain, snow, and other forms of moisture, sunlight can often disturb their functionality. Also, install your alarm where it is away from moving branches and leaves. While most are programmed not to respond to small animals or moving objects under approximately 40 pounds, tree branches can promote false alarms and thus should be avoided.

One other thing to consider is the versatility of wireless driveway alarms. While the name would lead you to believe that they are to be used only for receiving a notification when someone comes up the driveway, there is more to them than that. You can use such alarm systems in remote parts of your yard that perhaps border on wooded areas or other unsecured paths to your home. Just as you would like notification of someone coming up the driveway, you may also want the same for someone coming through your yard, up your sidewalk to the door, or even along the side of your home. Driveway wireless alarm systems are not just for driveways, but for overall home security.

If you are considering a driveway alarm, keep in mind that they are versatile. Make sure you consider the range you need and number of transmitters to properly secure your home. Knowing who is approaching your home at all times can certainly give you peace of mind.