Learn Self-Hypnosis

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Many people have learned that self-hypnosis is a simple yet effective method of making amazing changes in their lives.

  • Habits are overcome.
  • Attitudes are improved.
  • Behavior is altered.

It is all accomplished by changing the suggestions that you give yourself and those that you accept.

Should I be afraid?

It is natural to be a little reluctant to try a method of changing your state of awareness, but read on and find out that you’ve already done it!

Have you ever cried (or wanted to, guys?) at a movie? Have you ever missed the corner where you were supposed to turn while driving? These situations are both similar to a light state of hypnosis. Self-hypnosis is simply learning how to do the same thing on purpose and for a purpose.

You may be a little afraid of what self-hypnosis feels like. Compare it to a daydream. They are similar in many ways. And daydreams are kinda fun.

Learn Self Hypnosis


“What if I forget how to exit?” This is one of the main misconceptions. In the same way that you come out of a daydream, you would also come out of hypnosis.

Methods of exiting are taught in a self-hypnosis course or included on an instructional CD, but even without the formal methods, a person would automatically exit (or fall asleep). A simple counting out is common: one-to-five or one-to-ten works well and allows time to re-adjust to normal awareness. You can count to yourself or out loud and then simply open your eyes. It really is that easy!

More Questions

Right now you probably have more questions than answers as you begin a safari into your mind and begin to discover that you have much more ability than you ever realized to change unwanted behavior.

What you say and the way you say it does make a difference in weather a suggestion is accepted or not.

You may be wondering what you can accomplish with self-hypnosis and what the common issues are that can be dealt with.

Begin Here

If you are a beginner, you may wish to take a very gentle approach to self-hypnosis and work up from there. Many people are surprised to find out that there is a short time, just before falling asleep, that they are actually in hypnosis. Use this time to give yourself positive suggestions without having to create the state. This is also a wonderful opportunity to make a difference in your child’s life. Just before she falls asleep, tell her that you like the way she did something, or you’re proud of the way she handled a situation. And of course, what a wonderful suggestion is the phrase “I love you.” when it is the last thing a child hears before falling asleep.