Learn some basic karate blocks?

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This page is an introductory to learning some basic Karate Blocks. If you at all familiar with karate you may know what the horse riding stance is . You may also know what a face block and middle block are. However if you do not I will explain in text and hopefully by video in the not too distant future. Horse Riding Stance

This is a basic Karate stance put your feet shoulder width apart from there move them another 2 foot widths wider than that. In total your feet should be about 36 inches apart. Turn your toes in slightly to the center (toes in heels out)

Next bend your knees and tighten your butt muscles (gluts).

Straighten your back and make your neck long.

Make a fist and bring both fists back to your sides just above your hips with both thumbs facing up.

From Horse riding stance you can perform the following karate blocks.

Learn some basic karate blocks?

Face Block

Start the face block by bringing your right fist forward about four inches while at the same time start moving your left fist upwards. As your right hand moves up to block the head your left elbow should be bent at about a 45 degree angle. Your right hand will pull back firmly to it’s starting position at your side by the hip. Your left fist should finish in line with your right shoulder with the palm of the fist rotated so the palm is facing up as much as possible.

Middle Block

From your starting horse riding stance.

Again let your right fist move slightly forward let your hip rotate to the left as well.

Your left hand will move out slightly and forward keep your elbow bent at a 45 degree angle as it moves out. Your hip, upper body and right fist will move to the right finishing firmly back to it’s starting position.

Your left hand will finish at the same time and at the same level and in line with the right shoulder.The left fist will rotate so the palm of the fist is facing you.

Your stomach should be tight at finish. I will exclude the kick block at this time beacause for hockey purposes this is not very relavant block.