Learn Spanish in Malaga – The Andalucians Will Love You For It

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If you make a little effort to learn Spanish the Andalucians will love you for it, even if you just manage to master a few phrases.

When they see you trying to speak Spanish they will automatically help you along – unlike other nationalities who I will not mention here – but… one August when visiting Paris and about to walk into a restaurant we saw a sign which read ´Pas du touristes` (no tourists!). This is sooo not the Spanish way.

The Spanish, in general are very welcoming, friendly and consequently you want to talk to them … so, get out the phrase book, Mum, and let’s get cracking.

The best way to learn Spanish, of course, is to have a Spanish boyfriend but if your better half isn’t too keen on the idea, then, once you’re living in Spain you can try visiting your local ´Casa de la Cultura` (culture house). You can enrol in one of the Spanish language courses there. It will be a bit less complicated!

It’s also a great place to start and you’ll meet like-minded people and might even be lucky enough to find a new best friend! Plus it’s a good place to check out the concerts, art exhibitions and generally ´what’s on` in town.

If you’re going to work in Spain then, of course, you’ll want to take your language studies a bit more seriously.

There are some excellent schools in the coastal resort towns but if you’re committed to learn Spanish and reach a decent level then I can highly recommend the University of Malaga where I started Spanish a few years ago: University of Malaga, Avenida de Andalucía, 24. Málaga 29007.

Learn Spanish in Malaga   The Andalucians Will Love You For It

They offer short, intensive courses of five hours daily. Also available are individual intensive courses (quite pricey at 25€ per class, but, if you have little time and can afford it ……).

The best value for money is the more academic course which as well as teaching Spanish language also includes classes in Spanish culture and civilization. The full course lasts from October to May and four hours daily will set you back around 1.600€.

Part of the experience of life as a student totally immersed in the life of this lovely, traditional, Andalucian city is being able to use all the facilities of Malaga University. You can attend exhibitions and recitals, use the library and make friends with other students of all ages and who come to Malaga from all over the world.

For students looking for accommodation during semester time the University will provide residence halls or addresses of families who take in students.

You’ll have the unforgettable experience along with your fellow students of escorted tours locally around the sites of Malaga (see our section on Malaga and coastal towns) plus the opportunity of visits to the most interesting cities of Andalucía such as Granada and Cordoba.

You’ll learn Spanish… have the best time… make friends… and experience a unique opportunity to learn about the Spanish culture and a way of life the average visitor to Spain can only imagine. So, let’s get going! Malaga awaits!