Learn the basics of wine tasting

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The best way to learn about wine is to simply taste it!

Mastering wine tasting takes lots of practice. But even if you don’t master it to the level of a sommelier at least you will no longer be intimidate by the act.

Learn a little about tasting wines and you will gain the confidence to express your preferences in restaurants and wine shops. One key requirement, obtain the right accessories. This is essential if want to properly conduct the act of wine tasting. Would you taste wine in a beer mug? I didn’t think so….

Lets start. Here are the basic steps to wine tasting;
1)Sight – Check for clarity and color. Is the wine clear, cloudy, dark red, light, yellow(white)…etc.
2)Swirl – Gently swirl the wine in your glass. This action helps release the wine’s bouquet.
3)Smell – Put your nose on the inside of the glass and sniff. Try to detect the different aromas. Do this a couple of times
4)Taste – Take a sip of the wine. Swish around in your mouth. Gently suck air through it (commonly called slurping). Your taste buds will further detect the wines characteristics. Describe them as they come to mind.

Learn the basics of wine tasting

I did omit one more step and that is spitting. Well, if your a sommelier attending a tasting event then I suggest you spit (or you will be wasted by the end of the evening). But if your like me, opening a bottle for supper or tasting a couple of wines with friends, I am not going to waste it…sorry.

Below are some tips to help you get the most out of wine tasting.
1 – Know the wine’s grape varietal(s).
2 – Research the origins of the wine.
3 – Cleanse your mouth with only water and bread between wines.
4 – Do not eat cheese while tasting (have it at the end). Cheese coats your taste buds.
5 – Taste wines in this order – light-to-full bodied, or whites-to-reds, or dry-to-sweet.
The above tips will enhance your ability to decipher the multiple flavours found in a wine.
A great way to experience wines is to create a wine tasting club amongst your friends. This will enable you to experience different wines during one evening and exchange tasting notes. It will be interesting to discover that the same wine will be described slightly different by others.