Learn the dog release command

The dog release command is very simple to teach but is an important part of dog training. You should think about it as the period at the end of a sentence or the “the end” at the end of a book. The dog release command lets your dog know that it’s okay to stop what you want him to do and go about his normal dog day.

For example: when you have your dog in a long down stay it is important to let him know when it’s okay for him to get up and go about his business. That’s what the release command is for.

How it Works

Because you’ll be using the dog release almost every time your working with your dog it’s important to get it right. Fortunately it’s an intuitive command and simple to teach.

After each training session, no matter what kind, let your dog know it’s over by saying in an excited tone, ”okay”. Raise your voice a little and make it a happy tone. If you’re crouching stand up and wave your arms a little while saying “okay”.

Learn the dog release command

If the dog stays in his sitting position, or whatever your last command was, go over to him and jostle him a little with affection while saying the release command. When you talk and act excited your dog will understand that’s it’s okay to relax a little. He may even run up to you and want to play.

It Gets Used

Since you will be using this command every time you work with your dog, he will learn it very quickly.