Learn the hockey speed drill

This hockey speed drill is called the Lightning Run. It is very useful for working on increasing a skater’s speed, power stroking and stamina.

The skaters line up at one end of the rink. The first skater starts off skating around the rink followed by the second, third etc. After the first lap the skater at the end of the line must speed skate past all the other skaters to claim his or her spot in front of the first skater. Then, the skater who is now last in the line must skate past all of the other skaters and claim the lead spot.

This rotation continues until the original leader is once again leading the line of skaters and everyone is in their original order. The goal is for each skater of overtake the leader within one single lap.

Learn the hockey speed drill

If looking for a hockey speed drill that gets your team in shape in a hurry, this is it!