Learn the very basics of HTML

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You can use this HTML tutorial to learn the basics of this widely used mark-up language. Don’t be alarmed — I didn’t say programming language.

No need to worry. Once you know how to structure a few HTML tags you’ll be on your way to learning lots more in the HTML world.

Learning how to use some commonly used HTML codes will increase your comfort level — without having to learn any programming!

  • How the Internet got started
    The Internet began as a solution to problem. Basically during the cold war the government need a way to network computers together so that information could be shared.Today we take things like modems, dial ups, and email for granted but back in the fifties it was all new. Researchers who were working for the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) created ARPAnet.Did You Know

    … that ARPAnet was the first WAN (wide are network).

    The next step in the evolution was the creation of a common computer language called the Internet protocol (IP). Now computers could converse with one another.

    Exchange data became possible but you had to know the address of the computer, which you wanted to communicate with and then navigate your way to it.

    Everything changed by the early nineties when a new protocol was created – it was called the Hypertext Transfer Protocol or HTTP for short. It’s what allows you or anyone else to jump from one web page to another!

  • What’s this thing called HTML?
    HTML, which stands for Hypertext Markup Language, is in fact a markup language – not a programming language.I hear some you asking… what’s a markup language? It’s just a systematic way of interpreting text.HTML, which is commonly used on the World Wide Web, can interpret text to appear in bold characters or show them in various colors.

    Learn the very basics of HTML

    HTML can also be used to display your images, other electronic information or link even connect to different reference points on the web.

    The current version of HTML is 4.01 in case you want to use the latest and greatest.

    There’s no complicated proprietary code to learn – HTML is written in plain old ordinary text, which your Web browser or word processor can read.

    It does this by identifying distinct elements of a document (like your header, a body, and the footer), and describing how these elements are to behave.

  • What’s a web browser?
    A web browser is a software application for retrieving, presenting, and traversing information resources on the Web.The most widely used web browsers are Windows Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, and the Opera browser which used mostly on mobile phones.

Did You Know

… that not all browsers interpret HTML commands the same way.

Some older browsers cannot understand the newer commands. However, don’t sweat it because most web pages will appear the same in most instances on PC, Mac, and UNIX machines.

There are tips that I ‘ll share with you through out this HTML tutorial so that you will avoid those unpleasant screen errors.