Learning how to be happy

Learning how to be happy is the ultimate achievement. We all long for tranquility, harmony, laughter, love, happiness. Happiness is unique to every individual. It is your way of being at ease, experiencing joy and feeling a sense of effortlessness and naturalness.

Simple Living

For many, Simple Living brings great happiness. Everyone has their own comfort level and definition of ‘Simple living’. I prefer to define it as living an uncomplicated, unpretentious and undemanding life.

The choice to live simple has given me an entirely new perspective on living the best possible life, and savoring every single moment. That includes the wonderful moments and the not-so-pleasant moments.

The truth is that when we learn how to be happy with our self, even the unpleasant moments are like a buzzing fly that we easily swat away… and forget about.

Making mistakes teaches us lessons about life — and that’s a good thing.

Simple Living Is An Art

The art of simple living is not purely about survival. We were meant to live not just stay alive.

We were created with our five senses (see, hear, taste, touch and smell) for a reason.

We all have the need to feel love, to give love, to feel accepted and worthy of all life’s goodies.

Everyone enjoys life’s little luxuries, and the word luxury is a subjective term, unique to each person.

Our luxuries can be enjoyed in a balanced and harmonious way.

And we all have tremendous value and worth as human beings, regardless of ANY circumstances that might make us feel otherwise.

Learning how to be happy

Achieving Balance

Sometimes, we get so caught up in maintaining our desired standard of living that we forget to live our life.

Some of us (you are hearing/reading the words of experience!) are so busy and stressed out preparing for tomorrow, next week, next month, etc., that before we know it, years have passed and we have missed out on many precious moments.

The moments that make our life joyful. The moments that are supposed to teach us how to be happy. Feelings of joy gives us a frame of reference for achieving a true state of happiness.

Your Personal Best

So many of us experience devastating life events. Many get to a breaking point and make a smart choice to start taking charge of their own circumstances.

Learning how to be happy

As you know, we all are responsible for our own happiness, even when life deals us a really tough hand!

You may not think it’s possible, but stay tuned to this website, and you will see how it really is possible to turn things around and learn how to be happy, despite any type of circumstances.

You CAN create the life that you have always wanted. But remember, and this is really important, the goal is to learn how to be happy!

Perhaps what you are envisioning now is really not what will bring you ultimate happiness.

That’s OK! As you learn how to be happy sometimes your vision changes… so just go with it!

Allow yourself to release all those limiting thoughts and permit the adjustment of your thinking. We (all of us) are always a work in progress!

Our Unique Happiness

Happiness is different for each person. None of us expect a blissful life without any obstacles or challenges. That isn’t realistic thinking. Not only that, it’s life’s obstacles and challenges that keep us learning and allow us to open new doors to great opportunities.
At first, finding your authentic self, or what makes you truly happy, may be difficult or frustrating. But results come very quickly when you have the right tools and resources and are willing to put in the effort.

It’s Your Turn to be Happy

This single moment is the only moment we have any control over. The past is gone, and the future is really a type of illusion.

Why? — Because we never actually GET TO the future. The future, when it has “arrived,” is really the “current moment,” and our power is always in the current moment. So… why not choose to consciously experience all our current moments?

Allow yourself to surrender and really feel whatever feelings you are currently having.

If you have feelings of pain, surrendering to these feelings allows you to release them. It’s not easy, but is passes. Then when it does – and it will! – allow yourself to freely experience joy and happiness in the present moment.


Choose to replace negative thoughts with thoughts of happiness, joy and other pleasant things. There are many ways to do this.

Keep the visions of your goals “front of mind.”

One very popular method of visualization is creating “Vision Board.” A vision board is simply a large white poster board that you tape, stick, pin or glue photos, magazine clippings, inspirational phrases, quotes or anything that inspires you.

As you look through magazines and see something that moves you, cut it out and put in on the vision board.

You can draw things yourself, type and print quotes — you get the idea.

Have a clear mental picture of what it is that you want to create in your life, and when you run across pictures, phrases, quotes, people, etc., that “speak to you” place a photo, drawing, text or whatever you like on your vision board. This keeps your vision front of mind.

Don’t forget to put your vision board in a place where you see it often!

Accountability and Taking Action

Imagine yourself as if your visions and dreams have already been achieved. Mentally visualize that you are living the life you have always wanted. This exercise helps your daily actions stay in-line with your goals and visions. It’s a simple exercise but it’s very effective.

Using visualization and positive affirmations (thoughts) that are fueled by feelings will help you take action!. Taking action is your most wanted response!

Try thinking positive thoughts. Also, say your affirmations aloud. For example, look in the mirror and say (in present tense)something you want to achieve, such as: “I am a valuable person and wonderful new financial opportunities are opening up to me every day.” Say it over and over – even if you feel silly.

Soon you will see that these thoughts and affirmations become fueled by strong and determined feelings. The feelings move you to take ACTION.

Practicing these methods consistently creates a fertile environment for personal growth and you will move rapidly toward your desired goals!

IT’S NOT A SECRET… and it has never been.

Tender Living aggressively investigates the online and off-line world for resources of every imaginable type that we can all use to achieve the happiness, inner peace, personal development and well-being that we all desire.

Learning how to be happy is an ongoing process. Stay tuned to our website for resources and tools to make your quest for happiness much more smooth and effective! Learn how to be happy Learning how to be happy