Leather bikinis and fine leather lingerie

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Fine leather lingerie is a personal choice and something to be approached in a grown up sort of way.

I love leather products but never gave a thought to the more adult ways they are marketed [niaive little me!]. That’s not for here though

There are no links to sites with xxx content – so if you are looking for them – exit now!

Colorful leather bikinis – what an attention grabber

I bet you don’t know many people who own Leather bikinis – how fantastic would you feel in a brightly colored one of those.. There won’t be many on the beach wearing them and you will look sensational…

Modern leather tanning techniques produce leather which performs just like material or man made fibres when wet.

  • It retains it’s shape
  • and doesn’t sag.
  • You don’t feel as though you are wearing a chamois leather which is going to retain water and make you look heavier,
  • …and the colors are fantastic…

Leather bikinis and fine leather lingerie

Fine leather lingerie

Okay – I have been as tasteful as possible in an area where it’s easy for intentions to be misinterpreted.

But – many of us would like to enjoy – in a grown up way – in the privacy of our relationships leather lingerie