Leatherman Tool- A legendary and popular brand name

The Leatherman tool is considered the greatest invention by thousands of people.

These loaded multipurpose gizmos include all tooling essentials, from knives to pliers to screwdrivers, making them very useful for a broad range of quick, on-the-spot jobs. Tooling experts refer to them as hardest-working devices to ever fit in a pocket – and they’re probably right.

Leatherman multitools are mostly made of corrosion-resistant 400-series stainless steel with varying carbon content and heat-treated hardness for different implements. Each multitool is designed for easy usage and operation. Most of them come with Zytel handles for maximum grip.

Leatherman Tool  A legendary and popular brand name

Best of all, they are lightweight and compact. You can literally bring wire cutters, clip-point and serrated knife blades, diamond-coated file, wire strippers, regular and needlenose pliers, all sizes of Phillips screwdrivers, a wood saw, a can or bottle opener, and scissors everywhere with you!

All parts of Leatherman tools are replaceable, so you can easily upgrade or repair yours. They also come with 25-year limited warranty for defects in material and workmanship.

Bigger things to come
The company is now applying its versatility and innovation to regular knives with normal blades with a curving edge and flat dull back that make focusing force and cutting easier. These knives are still built on the undisputed Leatherman technology that allows both functionality and portability.

The story of Leatherman Tool
Starting in 1975 when its founder designed the first Pocket Survival Tool, for which the company is still popular to this day. Several decades and innovative tools later, the company is still the undisputed leader in the manufacturing of high-quality, durable, and precise multipurpose tools.