Leftover Prime Rib Ideas

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Leftover Prime Rib offers everyone a chance to be creative. The good news is many people including talented chefs believe chilled Prime Rib that has been Roasted to a ‘rare’ level of doneness is actually better the best case scenario for preparing a variety of prime rib meals.

First you must know that in order to grill a Prime Rib Steak the beef rib or ribeye must be roasted to a ‘rare’ state first. If that’s the case, then now you may understand why many qualified chefs work with a fresh chilled Prime Rib Roasted and Ready.

Essentially you are taking a leftover ‘rare’ roasted prime rib and ‘bringing it back’ so to speak to 125 F to reheat. However, one of the reasons you may want a few more ideas other than reheating a prime rib roast over and over, is that you really want to protect the great flavor that unique only to a quality prime rib.

Therefore we leave you with a few ideas to have some fun while experiencing a variety of great prime rib options.

Leftover Prime Rib Ideas

A 14lb avg. 100% usable Prime Rib Roasted and Ready will yield approximately 28 – 8 oz. or 18 – 12 oz. portions of premium stage roasted prime rib. An 8 oz. portion is considered a hearty luncheon cut, 12 oz. a normal dinner or Queen cut, and 16 oz. a thick dinner or King cut.