LIB Tech Snowboards for Sale at Affordable Prices

If you are looking for LIB Tech snowboards for sale, you are in luck. Backcountry.com has several of these high performance snowboards available at affordable prices. There are several of these snowboards to choose from.

The first you might consider is the Magnetraction. This snowboard is nicely priced at $519. This snowboard rides similar to that of skateboards. It has a high amount of traction and controllability. It is made with 7 contact points to give you excellent stability through any icy terrain. It is also said to turn ice into powder!

Another favorite of the LIB Tech snowboards for sale is the Snow Mullet. This snowboard has a good price of $428. This board has a directional and progressive side cut that makes it easy for you to turn. This board is made for those of you who like to barrel through steep mountains at wicked speeds!

The next one you may enjoy is called the D.I.Y. This one is very affordably priced at $388. The snowboards name stands for “do it yourself,” which means it comes with no design or image. It is a high performance board, but if you want it to look pretty, you have to add the artwork yourself!

LIB Tech Snowboards for Sale at Affordable Prices

If you thought you couldn’t find LIB Tech snowboards for sale at affordable prices, you will be glad to know that you can! Backcountry.com has a whole menagerie of these excellent snowboards to choose from. Take your time and pick out the snowboard that suits your needs the best!