Life Coach for Personal Development

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Choosing the right life coach for personal development in your business and life can sometimes be rather difficult, for many reasons.

You could wish to achieve some very specific goals in your life, yet finding a role model to follow or mould your life’s principals around, may be out of reach for you. Then you need a life coach for personal development and success.

But if you keep the law of attraction firmly in your mind, and decide that you’re going to make a change in your life, for the better good of all who associate with you, then the right life coach for personal development, tools, and introductions will literally fall into your lap. Just don’t try and force the process, rather, surrender to it and enjoy the journey and the excitement of how the universal intelligence will solve this request of yours to attract what you need into your life.

When I was only quite young at the age of 14, I had my first taste of the law of attraction. I didn’t know it as the law of attraction back then as a year 8 student in high school, I knew it as “the power of positive thinking” and “the power of your mind”. And the coming experiences, people and events were all my life coach for personal development. Your coaches can be situations, as much as people, so keep an open and positive mind, and learn from everything.

As an avid junior archer (soon to become national Australian junior archer champion), I learnt how to attract things into my life that apparently come from nowhere. All I knew, from a kind of inbuilt instinct was, what I could see in my minds eye, over and over again, become reality for me at some point in the future. And depending on the intensity of my thoughts and feelings and how much I wanted what it was that I saw in my head, was the leverage on how quickly it manifested into my life.

Life Coach for Personal Development

I guess I was more in-tune with life than most teenagers back then, my dad getting cancer when I was only 13, we as a family needed to learn a number of new ways of life. And this new circumstance was my new life coach for personal development and mental toughness.

These new ways of life were, meditation, something that we had never really done before, peace and quite, healthy foods (more healthy than average), and discipline of a positive mind.

You see, in life our minds play tricks, and we often see the wolf in our mind, quite often much bigger, scarier and ferocious than it is in reality. I remember the day my mum told me about my dad being diagnosed with cancer… I like any boy who dearly loved his dad, began to cry and asked “is he going to die?”…

To which my mum assured me that we’d caught it early and with the right treatment (holistic and Chemo Therapy) and our love and support, he would more than very likely be ok, what a kind and loving life coach for personal development my mum was, and still is. Now what picture do you think I had in my mind after she said that, to when I first heard it?

Firstly, a focus on death and dying is natural, but usually not the outcome for many cancer patients. But the term cancer in most peoples minds, almost instantly equals a horribly and painful, slow, agonising death… Morbid I know, but I’m trying to illustrate just how vivid our minds can be. And these pictures are real, our sub-conscious minds know no difference between thought and reality, and what we think about is most definitely attracted at some point into our lives.

This is why the things we fear come into existence much more easily than those that would dearly love to come into our lives. So this fear becomes our life coach for personal development, to help us get over what nags us the most, and have you ever noticed how such events keep hounding us, until we face the fear and do it anyway, then it disappear . Just like the facing up to the school yard bully, after you whip him, he never bothers you again (gentle smile).

Allow me to explain further, the example above about cancer equalling death in our mind is much more frightening and real, than winning the lotto tomorrow… Yes tomorrow, or even in this lifetime. Yet we can believe that we may be struck down with cancer at some point in our lives or someone we know will be.

The point I’m trying to make here, is the stronger the feelings, resonance and vibrations of a thought the easier it comes into our lives, and fear is often believed much more easily than success thoughts. So finding a life coach for personal development, who has experience in this area first hand is essential to guide you and fast track your success.

When you do a sport, lets take ten pin bowling, another of my favorites. You see a lot of bowlers miss a strike and leave just one pin stand in either corner of the lane (a really hard pin to knock down). And you can hear them going “Oooohhhh Nnnnnooooo, I’ll never get that, it’s sooooo hard”. Then they bowl and low and behold, they miss it by a whisker, they turn, and screw their face up, kick the ball return and say… What?


Same with archery, in a championship competition (especially indoor competitions) where the scores are within 1 point usually. The weak minded, when put under pressure throw the easiest shots away, because they are fearful they will lose, and that fear thought creates the outcome… “Instantly”!! You see anyone can do well when the going is smooth, but what happens when you apply a little pressure?… Cracks begin to appear!!

On the other hand you don’t hear too many people saying about a win fall of money “I just knew I’d win that 2 million in the lotto” or “I could’ve guessed I’d meet that partner of my dreams”… It’s true isn’t it?

So what I learnt from archery, mental guidance, meditation and metaphysics / spirituality (not bible studies), was attracting what I thought about, would eventually come, what I think about more intensely with feeling behind it, would come faster and what I really, really wanted would be almost instant.

I learnt from an olympic coach (my very first personal sports life coach for personal development), who made me do what I thought were the silliest things back then, to control my mind and it’s thoughts, but now I realize just how powerful the techniques he was teaching me are.

So powerful were his techniques, that I become known in the archery world as the “Ice Man” becuase I had nerves of steel, all I saw was the middle 10 ring on that target and nothing was going to stop me from getting that.

Dennis Waitley, if you’ve never heard of him, is a doctor of sports psychology and human potential, and a dedicated life coach for personal development. He has the most fascinating words and insights into how we perform under different circumstances, I highly recommend listening to his materials.

So dedicated to archery and healing my father, I became, that it was like an obsession, before school at 6am in the morning I would shoot archery, and my father would watch me in awe, like a magical aura took over him by watching me succeed. Then at 8am I would get ready for school, and as soon as I got home, did homework and ate, by 5pm I would be shooting archery again often until 10pm at night. All along, my dad, my life coach for personal development was there watching me, encouraging me, and me healing him, by allowing him to be there.

I would stay outside until I couldn’t see the target any more, so my dad helped me setup a light for night shooting. When it got too cold in the winter, he helped me setup a target in my rumpus room, and that room was only 8 metres from corner to corner but it was good enough to re-inforce my technique with every arrow I shot.

Funnily enough, when I wasn’t shooting archery at school through the day, I was reading archery magazines and how this one boy become a champion in 6 months… And I began to wonder if I could ever get to that level, while helping my dad get over his cancer, and also learning to shoot left handed at the same time, because my strongest eye was my left eye. So I had to learn to be a naturally left handed shooter, and that’s not easy at all, but I did it. Because I was hungry to fix my dad, and for him to see me succeed and also to meet this champion boy, that I become fixated on.

Eventually I did meet him at my first state championships and come third, out of a field of about 9 top archers. I was happy with that, but I hadn’t beaten him, and I wanted to win so desperately. All I thought about when training from that day forward was how darn good a shot he was, how young he was and if I could convert from right handed shooter to left handed, and help cure my dads cancer, and become a champion by winning I would. And come the state championships I did it… That obsession was yet another life coach for personal development for me.

Not only once, but later that year at the National championships in Adelaide Australia, and that was with a healthy dose of upset tummy from the water there also. In between every lot of arrows we shot, I was running off to the toilet, and I still won, because in my heart I knew I could, I saw it, I wanted it, I felt it… And after my final arrow at the end of the second day at dusk, the winning arrow was shot and I virtually collapsed to a massive crowd of cheers of all the mothers and fathers spurring me on… All of them a life coach for personal development to me and the others in the various state / national teams.

Since then, numerous metaphysical experiences have come into my life, and I realize that all these challengers were my life coach for personal development, in sports and later in my business career. Like clockwork these events and people come into my life, manifesting effortlessly because I believed they would and that I could create them. And each time a new manifestation happens in my life, it becomes easier to manifest the next, I could go on with examples, of how people break a barrier they never thought possible, then it happens more and more until the next barrier is broken, it’s all due to our belief.

Your life coach for personal development, will come in all forms of people, not just life coaches / mentors, but also those who are competitors, even hostile towards you. They say the ones who press our hot buttons are our greatest teachers, and indeed a gift, even though we don’t think so at the time. That’s why meditation is so good, because in times of quite, we reflect and learn in remembrance, and play through how we could have done things better or different.