Lighthouse Christmas Ornaments Are Fun Gifts

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Lighthouse Christmas Ornaments bring the magnificent beacons of the world to your tree. These ornaments are each as different as the lighthouses they represent, making them special gifts.

For centuries ornaments have been used to decorate our trees. Food items such as apples, cookies, nuts, sweets and popcorn strings were favorites of early days for decoration. Some of which are still used today.

Toys, trinkets, icicles, paper and cardboard ornaments were common until plastics came along. Glass ornaments have been around since the 1800′s and are still popular.

Your Lighthouse Gifts Guide has found some really fun Christmas Ornaments sources. Maybe one of these collections, from GoCollect.com, can shine a light on your lighthouse gifts choice.

Ne’Qwa Art has brought together the artwork of 16 well-known North American and English artists with the Centuries-Old Tradition of painting on the inside of glass. Every ornament is individually hand-painted on the inside through the small opening in the top!

Lighthouse Christmas Ornaments Are Fun Gifts

Each ornament is presented in its own hand-made silk Damask box. All are made from high quality mouth-blown glass and branded with the Ne’Qwa Art insignia. A booklet with a description of the art form, a picture and biography of the artist Stewart Sherwood and a statement of authenticity accompanies each work.

For a huge Region by Region source, Lefton has a large selection of Lighthouse Christmas Ornaments. If your looking for a particular lighthouse, this would be the place to look.

The unique Lighthouse Christmas Ornaments found at these three are very extensive. Any of which, might complete your tree. We hope you find the right one for your gifting needs.