Lighthouse Collectibles Make Great Gifts

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See all the lighthouse collectibles choices, then you can pick the one with your recipient’s favorite lighthouse theme. Lighthouse art, figurines, plates, music boxes, Harbour Lights or Lefton, these are just a few of which can make the perfect lighthouse gift. Keep in mind while looking through your options, what are the things that make your recipient the unique person they are?

Have a specific area of the country, or better yet a certain lighthouse in mind? From the New England lighthouses, Cape Hatteras in North Carolina, to the Florida lighthouses far south. The Great Lakes of Michigan, up the coast of California, to Heceta Head in Oregon and everything in between. Or maybe you’re interested in a worldwide lighthouse collectible. Harbour Lights and Lefton offer a wide selection of replica’s from all over.

Beautiful lighthouse figurines, plates, villages, music boxes, ornaments and more! Great artists such as Thomas Kinkade, Dona Gelsinger, Charles Wysocki, Al Hoque, Sam Butcher and Christian Riese Lassen, are a few of those who have created exquisite lighthouse art.

Lighthouse Collectibles Make Great Gifts

The internet is the best place to find the best quality and price. We’ve found the best sources for you. Take a look at these, and see if one is right for your lighthouse gift.