Limousine Service in Chicago

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Limousine Service in Chicago is available to everyone, anytime and in any place. Those days when only some very rich people could afford it are gone. If you arrive in Chicago for romantic vacation, business trip or family vacations limousine service could be nice start of it.

Why not to make surprise for your family with Chicago charter limousine service from the airport to your hotel. Your kids will love it. Everyone will be joyful and the most important it is not so expensive.

Limo Service overview

Limousine Service in Chicago offers hundreds of cars and companies, so without some guide it is difficult to make a choice of one particular company that will meet your expectations. Besides, it is very important not to pay more than you have to.

Even though you can find hundreds of recommendations on the web about all major limousine service companies it is still too complicated to understand which of the services providers would fit the best for you. It is also very time consuming and in the end you can have some doubts – is it the best for me or is the price right for service, I am getting?

Therefore, I posted here some short guidance and will give you some reference if you decide to make a choice on your own.

Limousine Service in Chicago

I will divide limousine service in two categories: first is the most popular limousine service category, the second – special occasion’s category.

The most popular service category

To/from an airport is the most popular limousine service, as it is widely used by travelers and business people. I also believe that nothing could be better after some very long and boring flight then get into some clean and very comfortable limo. Other ways around, it is very good if you can leave your home with the entire luggage straight from a door and get directly into the airport.

Limousine Service in Chicago can get you to/from any address starting from $14 per person. Therefore, if you travel with your family or friends, and you are five people, your ride will cost around $70. If you are three people, it will cost you starting from $18 per person. Anyway, it is better than with taxi, as this is flat rate, which includes everything – pick up/drop off, traffic problems.

Special occasion’s service category

It includes but are not limited – anniversaries, birthdays, concerts, party/night out, sporting events, weddings and more others. Prices for this service are calculated according to usage hours. Limousine company can provide you with any special request you need according to an occasion, so you have a choice. Price range starts from $14 per person.