Local Cities Near Branson, Missouri

There are many great local cities near the city of Branson that are worth your time and effort. Perhaps the biggest metropolis is the City of Springfield.

Travel time from the Springfield-Branson Regional Airport is just over an hour on Interstate 44 then south on highway 65 to Branson.

Springfield and the surrounding area have a population of around 150,000 and they all seem to be on Campbell and Battlefield around 4:30 in the afternoon.

Springfield has lots of cheap hotel rooms as well as several luxury hotels. A lot of families like to use Springfield as a jumping off point to Branson as well as other places like St. Louis and Kansas City.

There’s also an endless supply of restaurants in Springfield from national chains to little mom and pop diners. Nearly all of the eateries in Springfield are now smoke free.

Local Cities Near Branson, Missouri

Local attractions include the Springfield Cardinals minor league baseball team, Exotic Animal Paradise, Springfield Conservation Nature Center (My favorite) and Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield where authentic reenactments are held every year.