Longboard Skateboard Reviews- hobie, sector 9

Reviews on sector 9 longboard skateboards and hobie longboards to help you choose a board.

Sector 9 longboards

-If you are going to purchase a longboard I would definitely recommend buying a sector nine. These are top of the line longboards and are the best on the market. But there is a price for buying a top of the line board (a very high one.) Most of the sector nine boards come around one hundred fifty dollars.

Longboard Skateboard Reviews  hobie, sector 9

The Original Hobie Hawaiian- Best Bargain

-This is a vintage board that works great it is available in many places and works great. If you don’t have too much cash but want a great board buy this Hobie. I think it is the best bargain for a longboard. You can usually find this board for a hundred dollars or less (that’s a great price for a longboard).