Look deep – The real behavior may be below the surface of what you can see

Elvis Elvis

There are so many different areas of life and behavior that this picture can relate to. At times we have to look beyond the surface to really see what is being presented to us.

I can relate this personally to myself from what others have said to me.
I am basically a quiet person who has, at times, difficulty meeting new people. My basic human behavior is to be shy. There are several of my good friends who have commented on the fact that their first impression of me is that I am aloof and hard to approach.

This is mostly due to alot of former insecurities in myself. I have also worked hard to overcome my shyness and insecurities and change my social behavior, but, they will always remain a challenge. These same people, once they have gotten to know me find humor, intelligence, empathy, trust, encouragement, gentleness, kindness, caring, and an ability in me to sometimes see what others cannot and the desire to help.

There was alot hidden underneath the exterior of an aloof appearance caused by insecurities and shyness. Also, realizing this about myself, with the honest help of some friends, has made me more accepting of others who may appear aloof or unfriendly to me and in realizing this I can help them by adapting my social behavior.

Because of my shyness I have had many opportunities to be an observer of life and the social behavior of people in general. I find it interesting to watch how people relate to eachother. I can take this photo and relate it to many people and scenes I have observed.

For example, there are times when we meet someone new that we get caught up in the best foot forward they are presenting to us. We want to see the good and believe that all they say is true. This is normal human behavior. Most times if we take an objective step back and observe their mannerisms and patterns a different person may just show themself. Take the time to not only see how they treat you , but, how do they treat others as well. You may see a differance. Listen to what they say and how they talk about other people. Is it positive or do they usually have negative comments and place blame on others? Take the time to see everything, not just what they want you to see.
Look deep   The real behavior may be below the surface of what you can see
You could also relate this photo to times when you experience differances of opinions and arguments with others. Sometimes what begins an uncomfortable situation may not be the true cause. Taking a step back and really listening to all someone is saying may clue you in to what else may be going on to create the problem.

Whatever the situation is, take time to listen and observe and look at what you see with an objective view.

Be willing to look below the surface.