Looking For Adjustable Dumbbells? I Highly Recommend Powerblock!

First of all, I want you to know that I’m in no way affiliated with Powerblock and I will not make a single dime by recommending it to you. It’s just an honest review. Nothing more.

Adjustable dumbbells have got to be one of the greatest inventions known to fitness. They don’t take up much space, and you can go from one weight to another with relative ease.

I suppose I could have easily posted all sorts of different types of adjustable dumbbells for you to choose from, but when I created this website I decided that I would only recommend products I’d used successfully.

That’s why I can ONLY recommend the Powerblock dumbbells.

Here’s why…

About two years ago I decided I was tired of going to the gym. At the time I was very busy and found that I couldn’t always get to the gym during the hours it was open. Plus, when I did go I had to literally fight the other “gym rats” to get to the equipment I wanted. Unless you don’t have a job, or a life, it’s hard to get to the gym during “non peak hours.”

That’s when I decided to get myself a home gym. Here were the requirements for choosing the gym equipment I would need, and would ultimately lead to my decision to purchase the Powerblock dumbbells:

1. It would have to be versatile. I didn’t want some gadget that you can only use to perform one or two exercises.

2. It had to to allow me to progress.

3. It had to allow me to get a great workout, and allow me to work every muscle group in the body.

Looking For Adjustable Dumbbells? I Highly Recommend Powerblock!

Looking For Adjustable Dumbbells? I Highly Recommend Powerblock!

I guess I could have ordered a Bowflex, but I like lifting real weights. Plus the idea of shelling out $2000 for it put the breaks on that idea quickly!

In the past I had the idea that you could get a fantastic workout using just dumbbells. I decided to explore this idea further.

Here were my conclusions:

  • Dumbbells are amazingly versatile.
  • You can use dumbbells to work every muscle in the body.
  • You can also use progressively heavier dumbbells to take care of the overload factor.

That’s when it hit me!

I realized that I had found the exercise equipment I’d been looking for that falls in line with my preset criteria!

And the fact that I’d be lifting real weight really meant a lot to me.

I decided I was going to need adjustable dumbbells. I lived in a small apartment and just didn’t have the space for an entire dumbbell rack. That’s when I started doing some serious research on adjustable dumbbells and one particular brand kept popping up.

Everything I read about this particular set of adjustable dumbbells kept repeating the same thing–that they are high quality, easy to use, fully adjustable, compact, and you can easily up-grade them as you become stronger.

That was the Powerblock adjustable dumbbells. They were exactly what I was looking for…

I currently have the Powerblock 85lbs Pro Rexan adjustable dumbbell set. The fact that I can fit 170lbs in a two foot by two foot corner of my apartment is amazing. Imagine having that many separate dumbbells in a rack. That would take up at least one whole wall!

Think about it for a second…

My Powerblock Pro Rexan adjustable dummbells can go from 5-85 lbs. If you had that many regular dumbbells going up in 5 lbs increments (which is the norm), you’d end up with 17 pairs of dumbbells!

That’s 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, and 85.

Try putting all those dumbbells in a two foot squared corner of your room.

I don’t think so!

I knew I was on to something with the Powerblock adjustable dumbbells. Aside from being very compact, they’re also very easy to use. You can change from one weight to the next in just a few seconds.

There are also several variety of Powerblock adjustable dumbbells to choose from according to your training goals. There are lighter weights (21lbs) and heavier (85-125lbs).

This is perfect because not everyone’s goals are the same. Some people like lifting lighter weights, and some (like myself) enjoy hoisting heavy weights. With the Powerblock dumbbells you can choose a set that suits your personal needs, and they’re relatively inexpensive when compared to having to buy an equivalent amount of dumbbells. In essence, these adjustable dumbbells are the perfect dumbbells.

Try buying 125lbs worth of regular dumbbells. Remember that you’d have to buy two of each which further compounds the costs. You’d spend a small fortune, not to mention the space required to store those kinds of weights–even the 125lbs Powerblock set still only takes up a two foot by two foot corner of your room!

I now have a home gym that allows me to work every major muscle group in the body using an exercise ball, an adjustable bench, and of course my Powerblock dumbbells.

If you’re convinced that the Powerblock dumbbells would make the perfect addition to your home gym, then all you have to do is select the one that’s right for you.

There are a few options for you to choose from…

Some of you may want to start small. Maybe you feel you can get by from lifting very light weights.

It adjusts from 3 to 21 lbs in 3 lbs increments. That’s 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21lbs in each hand. This set has a maximum weight of 21lbs per hand and cannot be made heavier than the 21lb maximum weight per hand. That means that if you outgrow it, you’d have to buy a whole new pair.

However, it replaces 7 pairs or 14 fixed dumbbells that would have a combined weight of 168lbs.

Please note that stands are sold separately.

It’s a bit more but I highly recommend that you get the stand unless you like picking your dumbbells up from the floor. After a while, it can do a number on your lower back. If you decide not to get the stand, make sure you lift with your legs.

It adjusts from 5 to 45lbs in 5lb increments. That’s 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45lbs in each hand. This set has a maximum weight of 45lbs per hand, which means that if you outgrow this one, you’d have to purchase a new set of heavier ones.

However, not everyone is interested in becoming a powerlifter, and even though I advocate heavy lifting for optimum muscular development, some of you may feel that 45lbs is heavy enough. I can respect that.

You’ll also have to get the stand for your Personal Set separately.

Now we get to the nitty gritty. This is the Powerblock set that I use so you’ll have to excuse me if I sound a bit biased. It’s the Rexan Pro Powerblock Dumbbell Set.

This set adjusts from 5 to 85lbs in 5 or 10 lb increments. There are a pair of chrome “adder” weights that you can put directly into the handle and this adds approximately 5lbs.

The Pro Rexan Set equals 17 pairs of dumbbells, or 2,240 pounds of free weights!

Can you imagine having 2,240 worth of dumbbells lying around your house?

I can’t.

I’d rather just have my trusty Powerblock Pro Rexan sitting in that corner of my room not taking hardly any space at all. When you get to the order page of the Rexan Pro Powerblock Dumbbells, you’ll have a chance to order the stand. Like I said, I highly recommend you get it as it adds a level of convenience then if you don’t have one.

I believe that adjustable dumbbells are one of the greatest inventions known to the home gym owner. And, of all the adjustable dumbbells out there, I highly recommend Powerblock. Its versatility, ease of use, as well as its compactness make it the ideal piece of exercise equipment and an invaluable addition to any home gym.