Looking forward to buy cool electronic gadget online?

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I remember that whenever some cool electronic gadget comes onto the market, I feel an urge to buy it. But, I always make it a point to search around the web to find a review or opinion first. This is all the more so if I want to buy computer hardware because of the almost infinite spectrum of products.

Looking forward to buy cool electronic gadget online?

This has the effect of saving me from splurging my money on things which I may regret buying later on. Sometimes even a resource like cnet may not contain enough info for cool electronic gadget or whatever I need. So I have to rely on the search engines for other sources.

Now the problem is, I often find that I am unable to find the necessary info needed to make the buying decision. Reasons range from lack of sources providing the review to plain off-topic.

There is nothing more irksome than being unable to find what you are looking for on the internet, especially if you’re pressed for time. Don’t get me wrong, I like reading reviews. Then I’ll like to imagine myself using the cool new gadget.

Strange hobby? Yes I know, I’ve been called eccentric at several points in my life. But that’s another story.

To feed my hobby, I’ve created this site. Dedicated to compiling & summarizing all the reviews I can find out there, with a sprinkle of personal opinion if I can. What about you? Easy. Just find that cool electronic gadget you need here and start reading.

Before you venture on I wish to let you know that I write my reviews based on the following guidelines.

1) I read all the reviews & opinions I can find and compile them into short & sharp sentences. Using only the important details, this results in very short reviews although I also write in my opinions of what I make of them.

2) Unbased claims in reviews for cool electronic gadget are not taken into account, since I have a thing for them. But that does not mean I dislike other IT products. Someone may be trying to sabotage or glorify excessively.

3) The reasons causing the good & bad points are not always explained because I’ve not yet used the product myself. Most of the people writing reviews out there do not always state how they use the products themselves, or are using in ways it is not designed for.

A little warning though, the reviews here may not cater to your needs. Why? Like I said in guideline 1), I consider “short, sharp & accurate” to be a virtue in my reviews. So if you’re looking for editorials & essays… please try the search engines again.

Now, I cut away all the crap I can find in reviews but there will definitely be some left that you the reader can only detect. So to help you in that direction, here is what to look out for:

1) Be sure to know what you need first, the functionality will affect how you use the product. E.g. A laptop designed for business use is not going to provide the processing power needed for multimedia or gaming usage. The battery would probably not last as long as expected too.

But then you ask(probably). What about using multimedia laptop(ML) for business use? Good question, I have no idea too… NOT! Haha! A ML may not be small & lightweight enough to be carried around all day, you are going to have a very sore shoulder or wrist if you have to carry a 3kg laptop wherever you go.

2) Okay, you have confirmed that you need a certain product but you’re on a budget. Let me tell you a fact of life, most of the time; economy ≠ quality. Yes, it’s a cruel world out there I know.

But not all hope is lost, you only need to be more stringent in your search. Right now, I am working on a few buying guides for some of the mainstream products. Please do check back here in the future for updates. Looking forward to buy cool electronic gadget online?