Lord of the rings Shire

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Lord of the rings Shire, a land of green fields, tall trees and good ale. The home of the much admired hobbits, non more famouse or well none then Bilbo Bagins and his yound nephew Frodo.

After many long years the ring lay hidden in this rural country, but now the agents of the drak lord draw near. Journey with Frodo and his kin as they take the ring to its undoing. 

Name: Lord of the rings Shire.

Lord of the rings Shire

Location: The Shire is located to the west of middle earth, it borders the western ocean and the gray havens.

Cultures: Lord of the rings Shire is home to the infamouse hobbits; these great halflings are small in nature but what they lack in height they make up for in pride and stature. The Hobbits are not normally none for there bravery or skill in battle but more well known for there love of food, ale and all things green and growing. They were not very magical as such except for mabye when the need to escape from the big folk came around.

The one deed that is remembered throughout Middle Earth is the destruction of the ring of power. Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pipin were the four young brave hobbits that represented the hobbits on the great quest, but it was Frodo and Sam that lead the ring of Sauron finaly to its doom. The ring travelled with Frodo and Sam to the mountain of fire and Frodo tried to resist it all the way but in the end the quest for the ring claimed his life and becuase of this he sailed away into the undying lands.

Events: One of the most famouse and talked about events in the Lord of the rings Shire was the 111th birthday of bilbo bagins. A great party was held in his honour in the large field under the huge party tree in Hobbiton. Half the shire was invited and the other half turned up anyway. It was at this great party that Bilbo Bagins used thet one ring to become invisible and sucrry away to his house; from there he started on his journey ot stay with the elves.

It was because of Bilbo’s disappearing act that Gandalf the grey became suspicous of Bilbo’s magic ring. After persuading Bilbo to leave the ring to frodo Gandalf spent 17 long years seeking out inofrmation on the history of the ring. He entrusted Aragorn to track Golum for 13 years but the enemy found him first. After Gandalf was sure of his thoughts he sent Frodo on the journey to the council of Elrond so that the fate of the ring would be decided.

Misc: The Shire was not like the other grate kingdoms of Middle Earth like those of Elves, Men and Wizards, its homes were cossy warm holes that had many cupboards and larders and many a bottle of ale. Because of the un-battle like nature of the Hobbits there was not much call for armies or castles or metalic works except for that of agriculture but there were a few hunting bows or daily chore axes hanging above the mantels. The people of the Shire never seemed to do anything un expected or go on any adventures and this was reflected in their peaceful lives.