Lots of Lego party game ideas – build amazing games!

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Capture the creative abilities of your party participants. Draw on these Lego party game ideas for individual or team and collaborative games. Some games can be quick while others can take longer. Either way there are many ways to keep the kids busy.Kids party games in this category are not suitable for very young children as there is the danger of them swallowing the smaller sized blocks.

Kids party games are fun! Lego toys bring hours of fun to children – let Lego lighten your party!

Lego Tall Tower Trouble!

Allocate each person an equal number of Lego blocks all of the same size. If there are too many kids, they should take turns and watch while the others play.The object it to see who can build the tallest standing tower.This game is best played on a hard, flat and level surface.A realistic time limit should be placed on completing the tower. Of course, the winner is the one who builds the tallest standing tower using all the Lego pieces!
Hint: When built on a smooth, hard and level surface, the tallest tower will be built by placing the blocks one on top of the other starting with the larger Lego pieces and then moving to smaller and smaller sizes until all the Lego pieces are used.

Creative Lego creatures

With a suitable number of pieces, children build animals to resemble a familiar, everyday animal like a cat, dog, horse, cow etc using Lego pieces. With this game it is hard to have a ‘winner’ as each child’s own creativity is unique. It give lots of fun and children need to concentrate to apply themselves to the game.

Lots of Lego party game ideas   build amazing games!

Co-operative Chaos with Lego

As its name suggests, this game can go anywhere! Each player is given the same number of Lego pieces. Each player adds a piece in turn and see what the outcome is. For this game it is recommended that children not talk to each other! It cannot be chaos if they are all working towards the same goal.

Still more Lego party game ideas…

Building Lego Bridges

Children are put into teams dependent on the number of kids are at the party and the quantity of Lego blocks that are available. The object is to build a bridge that does not fall apart. The team that builds a bridge that spans the furthest distance wins.

Lego Break it and Lego Build it

This game is best played with Lego kits of things like space ships, boats or other speciality packs that are not too complex to build. The object of this game is that players are timed to inspect the built product, break it down, jumble the pieces and put it together again. The player that completes quickest and correctly is the winner.