Low cholesterol food list – next of Big Wasters of Time

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Low cholesterol food list and low cholesterol foods are next popular and crazy ideas of some pseudo-scientists. Probably you want to know where this idea comes from.

I will gladly tell you about it, the whole truth. In eyes of many today’s scientist and doctors cholesterol look like demon or evil.

Why are they so sure that cholesterol is so bad? To be more correct, they think that there is BAD cholesterol and GOOD cholesterol, or LDL (bad) and HDL (good).

Their idea and “knowledge” comes from very old study on rabbits. Rabbits like we know are small animals which like lettuce and other green veggie stuff. Rabbits don’t like meat or animal fat so in their natural diet you will not find single piece of cholesterol.
Cholesterol is available only in animal products. Anyway our “clever” scientists decided to give to rabbits greens mixed with cholesterol! Such a “beautiful” idea!

But don’t worry because the best part of the story is still to come. After some time they (scientists) “discovered” that poor little rabbits got sick. They found in their arteries cholesterol and concluded that cholesterol is blocking arteries and must be bad for human as well.

That’s why today we have cholesterol panic all over the world. After reading this story first time I took a look in a mirror to check if I’m a rabbit or a man. We humans are not vegetarians like rabbits; we can eat any products containing cholesterol and don’t need to worry about our health.

Low cholesterol food list   next of Big Wasters of Time

Our body can’t live without cholesterol which is very important part of it. Rabbits are very different, you don’t have to be an doctor or scientist to see that rabbits were wrong objects for this study, these scientists should choose carnivorous not herbivorous.

They made fatal mistake and because of this mistake we have now cholesterol-phobia.

Now you have general view on methods which are used in some studies (there is much more studies like this one, for example one about saturated fats, mistake after mistake…).

“cholesterol is not DEVIL! it is very important part of our bodies.”

In fact cholesterol is only a kind of marker which we can use to determine our health condition ( we still don’t know even 50% facts about cholesterol and it`s function in our body).

The most important to remember is: cholesterol is not cause of diseases; cholesterol can be only symptom of diseases! and not cholesterol generally but levels and ratios between many fractions of cholesterol (properly named LIPOPROTEINS) e.g. LDL, HDL, VLDL etc.

Low cholesterol food list is simply waste of your time. Your time and attention should be spent to look for real reasons of disease, if you have any.

Cholesterol is one of the best anti-inflammatory factors in our body. I have one more cholesterol fact which may be new to you.

Cholesterol from foods we eat doesn’t affect cholesterol produced by our bodies! We can digest only 0,35g (average) of cholesterol in 24 hours time period.

But because this is low cholesterol food list section I have to tell you which products don’t contain any cholesterol at all. On low cholesterol food list you will find only vegetables and fruits, they don’t have any cholesterol, so if you still prefer to leave cholesterol products out of your diet choose vegetables and fruits. That is it. All of animal related products contain high or low quantities of cholesterol.

If you are heavy overweight person with CHD risk, diabetes, over 35-40 years old or all of them you should contact good holistic nutritionist and make all necessary tests before you will go on new diet.

Rapid and to radical change in your diet can cause serious health problems. If you have any of above health related problems always consult holistic doctor and make tests, this is very important.

“Cholesterol is NOT responsible for CHD and other cardiac problems. In fact low cholesterol level is actually very DANGEROUS.”

But if you are in good shape and you don’t have any health problems and want to improve your diet to get better health and life you can slowly switch to other foods and diet.

There is separate section called Healthy Diet where you can read more about transition from one diet to another. At last I like to tell you to stay calm when you eat high cholesterol foods and don’t panic because of some misunderstanding and fake results from incompetent studies.

Enjoy your eggs and fatty meats if you like and remember that the biggest known CHD causing factor is stress!

So eat your foods with peace of mind and don’t let pseudo-scientists make you crazy.

P.S do you know where cholesterol in arteries is coming from? Is coming from fats, carbohydrates and proteins! But…this is much longer story.P.S 2 it is much better to focus on high protein foods list than on low cholesterol food list.