Low Limit Holdem Games And How To Beat Them

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Many new Holdem players read all the poker books they can get their hands on and try their best to beat the online, low limit games but end up frustrated.

The other player’s don’t play like the poker books describe. They call your bluffs, don’t bet when you try for a check-raise and catch miracle cards on the river to beat you.

What’s going on here?

You must understand that the authors of most poker books are experts who play for high stakes and are writing for other players at their own skill level.

Winning strategies for high stakes games, with tough experienced opponents, will back-fire on you in low limit games.

To win at low limit Holdem requires a drastic change in strategy.

For the most part you must forget about fancy plays like slow-playing, check-raising and semi-bluffing.

I know what you are thinking.

But that’s what makes poker fun, making brilliant moves that fool your opponents and then basking in the glory of your victory.

You must ask yourself why am I playing poker?

If you want to win as many pots as you can by using an arsenal of fancy plays that’s fine.

I hope you have lots of fun and really enjoy every moment, but it’s going to cost you big time in a wild loose, low limit Holdem game.

To win money in a loose low limit Holdem takes a straight-forward, patient, most would say boring style of play.

First I should explain what I mean by low limit. A group of millionaires might throw $100 chips into the pot like you and I would throw in pennies, to them that is low limit.

It’s not how high the stakes are monetarily that matters, it’s how much the players respect the value of their chips that effects the texture of the game.

If 30, 40 or more percent of players are seeing the flop on every hand and going to the river with hands like Q-10 or J-8, then that in effect is a low limit style of game and strategy adjustments are needed.

For most of us I would say that $5-$10 and lower would be low limit, and for those of you who play $.50-$1.00 online you are playing micro limit poker and even further strategy adjustments must be made.

Bluffs and semi-bluffs will not work in a game where your opponents don’t fear your bets.

If it only costs them a few cents or dollars to call many low limit players will call you just out of curiosity to see what cards you’re playing!!

You have to understand that in a wild, loose game like this you’re going to have some big swings.

By that I mean your AA against many opponents will quite often be beat by some yahoo playing J9, flopping a 9, and catching a J on the river.

It’s going to happen a lot so prepare yourself, patience is a requirement for winning at low limit.

Starting Hands for Loose Holdem Games

Some starting hands gain value in wild, loose games while others lose some of their value.

Starting Hands that gain value in loose games.

1. Hole cards that have the potential of becoming monster (great) hands, go way up in value. Most of the money you will make in loose games will come from big pots you win when you have “the nuts” (best possible hand) and your opponents are “drawing dead” (can’t beat you no matter what cards they catch).

Low Limit Holdem Games And How To Beat Them


1. Ace anything suited. If you make a flush it will be the “nut flush”. Your only worry will be if there is a pair on the board making a possible full-house for someone else.

2. Any pair. Against several opponents play any pocket pair from middle or late position.

Just remember you must usually flop three of a kind to continue with the hand but when you do your chances of winning a big pot are excellent.

3. Suited connectors. Play cards that have the potential to make both a straight and a flush, like KQ, J-10, or 10-9 of the same suit against several opponents giving you good pot odds.

Just remember to get in as cheaply as possible and dump them fast if the flop doesn’t bring you a present.

Also pay attention to the possibility that someone may make a higher straight or flush than yours. Use common sense.

Starting Hands that lose some value in loose Holdem games

1. High cards like AJ, KQ, KJ unsuited.

Against several opponents a poor looking flop such as 10 8 7 would make a great hand for anyone holding J-9, 8-7, 10-8 suited, 10-7 suited or 9-6 suited and some low limit Holdem players will play hands like these.

If anyone holds these cards your high, unpaired cards are dog food.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t play high unsuited cards but you must remember that against many opponents almost any flop no matter how ragged looking probably helped somebody’s hand. If the flop doesn’t fit your hand, be prepared to fold and save your chips.

Winning Low Limit Holdem Strategies in a nutshell

1. Play drawing hands against several (the more the better) opponents that have the potential to become monsters. Ace anything suited, any pair and suited connectors. Play them as cheaply as possible and fold when you know you are beat.

2. Be aware that against several opponents almost any flop may improve somebody elses hand.

3. High unsuited cards are definitely still playable just remember that against several opponents, trash flops may turn an opponents trash hand into a winner.

Low limit Holdem players usually play in a predictable manner.

They bet and raise when they catch cards that have improved their hand.

If you feel in your gut that you are beat, fold. Follow your instincts.

Don’t chase them.

It’s an up-hill battle for you to overcome when your hand is second best.

4. Patience, is your greatest weapon in wild, loose Holdem games.

Wait for cards that can win you a big pot.

Fold good starting hands that have gone sour.

If you play like this against wild loose players you will win money in the long run but in the short run, your chip stack will go up and down like a yo-yo.

Be mentally prepared for this, relax and be patient, the money will come in good time if you follow these simple strategies.

Let me know how these low limit Holdem strategies have helped your poker game. I love to hear from players who visit my website.