Lucid Dream Techniques: Prolonging Lucidity

It’s frustrating to experience a wonderful moment of lucidity, and then find you’re having problems staying in control of your dream.

At first, you might be so excited that you wake up.

There are two tried and tested techniques for prolonging your lucid dream, suggested and researched by Stephen LaBerge.

  • Spinning. Simply spin your dream body, like you did when you were a kid. As you spin, remind yourself that you’re dreaming. You could even suggest what you want to appear in your dream. LaBarge’s research showed this lengthened the experience in 96% of his test subjects.
  • Rubbing Your Hands Together. 90% of the people in LaBerge’s study made their lucid dream last longer by rubbing their hands.

Then, saturate your senses! Reach out and touch something, and marvel at how completely realistic it is. Carlos Castaneda suggests touching your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Shout “I’m dreaming!” at the top of your voice.

Just like with remembering your dreams , practice makes perfect here. Your first few lucid dreams might be short fragments, but once you can stay in control of your dream, you’ll find it was worth the work!

Lucid Dream Techniques: Prolonging Lucidity