Luxury Hotels in Elba, Tuscany

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The feeling that you get when walking into these luxury hotels in Elba is similar to the feeling of finding a welcoming home after getting lost in a forest.

It is simply awesome that something like these hotels could be situated in an island.

Unlike luxury hotels in the middle of a big city, these hotels are located in large estates with the mountains and olive groves as backdrop and the sparkling beaches just a walking distance.

I could go on describing them and still not be able to give a full description, so here are my selections:

  • The Hermitage is located at Localita Biodola in Portoferraio.It is a sprawling resort hotel that is very popular with families.

Luxury Hotels in Elba, Tuscany

It has more facilities than what a visitor can possibly expect – and oh, the rooms are luxurious.

It is also expensive, but if you’re looking for a very nice and relaxing place to stay in Elba – this is it.

More Luxury Hotels in Elba

  • Rated as four-star, Villa Ottone Hotelis situated in a large park and famous for its frescoed ceilings and elegant service.This is an sprawling old villa with modern amenities and old world charm.
  • Also rated four-star, Hotel Biodola, located at the exclusive Biodola Gulf, amidst a natural setting, and perfect for a family holiday in Elba.
  • Located a few kilometers from Portoferraio, and a little further away from Biodola at the town of Procchio is Hotel del Golfo. Simply beautiful, elegant, comfortable, in a romantic setting.
  • Surrounded by a natural garden, with the sea literally at your doorstep, is Hotel Ilio at Capo Sant’ Andrea. Breathtaking beauty and personalized service.

Not necessarily luxury hotels in Elba there are hotels with prices within everyone’s budget, in Portoferraio and other towns of Rio Marina and Capoliveri, as well as in almost any other town in the island.

Go ahead and enjoy your stay in Elba!