Magnetic ankle bracelet for leg and foot pain

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Why would you wear a magnetic ankle bracelet? That’s the question many people ask. The answer, of course, has two parts. One, to go with your magnetic bracelet! Two, for any type of leg pain, including the foot, knee or hip.

Why not just wear a bracelet or a necklace? Good question. At least one study does show that wearing a bracelet on your wrist may help with pain in the hip and knee. Based on that, you could wear just a bracelet on your wrist for leg pain.

It’s generally recommended, however, that you apply the magnets closer to the affected area. So, if you have leg pain, it’s probably not a bad idea to put the magnets around your ankle. Besides, it’s stylish!

So what do you need to look for in a magnetic ankle bracelet? The same rules apply as with other jewelry pieces. In addition to adequate strength and a sufficient number of magnets, you’ll want to ensure you get the correct size so that it drapes correctly on your ankle.

Most people looking for a magnetic ankle bracelet are interested in reducing leg pain, often in the foot, knee, or hip. (The wraps can be worn just under the knee for knee injuries.) But you could of course wear it just for fun, as some people do. We have a lot of customers who enjoy the attractiveness of the semi-precious stones and other accent beads in the anklets.

There are two main types of magnetic ankle bracelets: those with a magnetic clasp, and the clasp-less type.

Clasp-type Magnetic Anklets:

Perhaps you’d prefer the type with the clasp? The clasp is easy to use, and it keeps the anklet from going anywhere with a strong 5,000 gauss magnet. Just get both magnets near each other and they will stay together. To remove the anklet, simply bend the clasp in the middle and it comes undone. That 5,000 gauss magnet adds to the therapy aspect of the anklet as well.

Magnetic ankle bracelet for leg and foot pain

Note: We use a 5,000 gauss magnetic clasp on necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. Not all clasps are 5,000 gauss. Make sure you check with the vendor before purchasing to ensure that you have a strong clasp on the jewelry you’re buying.

Clasp-less Magnetic Anklets:

The clasp-less type are the lariats, also called snakes (or wraps) that can be worn as a bracelet, anklet, or necklace.

We’re now showing the lariats in the original 36 inch length, or you can get the new 24 inch version if you don’t like how many times the longer one wraps around your ankle. The original idea behind the 24 inch lariat was that many people were buying anklets and bracelets with magnetic clasps as gifts.

What’s the problem? They didn’t know the size of the wrist or ankle of the person for which the gift was intended, so they were guessing. So, the 24 inch snakes came out to make it easier to buy a gift when you don’t know the person’s ankle or wrist size.

One more thought on that as well. A previous customer with a swollen ankle bought an anklet. They were hoping that theankle bracelet would address the swelling. A short time later, they had to come back to have it resized smaller since the swelling went down. A one-size-fits-all snake would have resolved that issue beforehand!

So, whether it’s the short or long snake-like lariat, or the clasp-type, an ankle bracelet can be a stylish way to get your therapy, and is your best choice for leg pain.