Making traverse rod longer

by Debbie

I purchased and installed traverse curtain rods to replace ones that no longer worked.

Obviously, I measured the rod wrong, because when I pulled it out to it’s full length, it’s not long enough. I ordered them on-line, which makes it difficult to exchange.

Is there anyway the traverse rod can be lengthened past the original length? I know the one rod in one of the bed rooms has a third rod inside the other two parts, because it’s a very big window.

Can I take a piece of the old rod, and somehow insert into the new rod to make it longer? Making traverse rod longer

Bet you never had a question like that before. Making traverse rod longer


Making traverse rod longer

Hi Debbie

Short answer is no it almost certainly won’t work. The ends on the rods are finished with a curved edge. This allows the gliders to pass over them.

If you insert an extra rod the ends almost certainly will cause the gliders to catch. I know it’s not what you want to hear…sorry Making traverse rod longer

You will just have to bite the bullet and order a new longer traverse curtain rod.

I don’t know where you bought yours from online or what you paid. A good place to look for some online and where I get a lot of stuff for myself is Ebay.

I have put a link here to some traverse curtain rods. On Ebay for you to compare. They maybe that little bit cheaper and take the sting out of having to buy a new one.

Best regards