Manifesting Money is Just the Same as Manifesting Anything Else

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The only thing that makes manifesting money ‘different’ in any way is our perception – and therefore our beliefs – surrounding it. Because it’s such a popular – and contentious – topic, we have decided to include this page in CLA’s ‘Manifesting’ section!

How are your financial beliefs?

As the page title states, manifesting financial abundance is just like manifesting anything else. There is no difference in the way we attract money – or the lack of it – as opposed to other material and non-material things; positive or negative circumstances and events; or anything else either. It all has to do with our perception and beliefs; where we place our focus; and what actions we take as a result.

Motivational speakers, writers and other spiritual and self-empowerment advocates all agree with the following statement: for a good indication of your current beliefs about money, just take a look at your current financial situation. (This concept works for all other areas of your life as well: relationships, health and fitness and more.)

How does your bank balance look? Do you have the financial freedom to be, have, do and give what you want, when you want, where you want, as much as you want? If you’re like the majority of the people on the planet, your answer will be ‘no.’ The reason is simple: if there is a lack of money in your life it’s because you have some beliefs – often subconscious – that are affecting your ability to attract and receive it.

The good news is that it’s very possible to change your beliefs and start enjoying the financial wealth that is your natural birthright!

Manifesting Money is Just the Same as Manifesting Anything Else


Most of us have been conditioned for lack…and our tendency is to perpetuate it!

Manifesting money is not difficult… it’s just that many of us have been conditioned to believe that it is. Perhaps we grew up in environments where there were frequent arguments over money, or not enough money to go around. Even if we grew up in relatively comfortable surroundings, we still may have seen one or both of our parents having to work 8 or more hours per day, 5 or more days per week, to provide those comfortable surroundings. As a result, we develop the belief that we must work long and hard to earn a living. ‘Life’s a bi**h and then you die’ and that sort of thing.

Then there’s all the ‘negative money coverage’ we see in the media: countless stories of financial hardship and failed investments; millions of people without enough to eat; millions surviving on pennies a day or less; crashing economies; dismal outlooks for the future… a constant bombardment of negative news surrounding money. Most of us receive hundreds if not thousands of such messages each and every day, from newspapers, television, magazines… you name it.

What many of us don’t realize is that due to the energetic nature of the universe – including the nature of our own subconscious minds – the more we focus on ‘the way things are’, the more we ensure that that’s ‘the way they will continue to be.’ We prevent ourselves from manifesting money when we focus on not having it.

And then we have cultural influences as well: ideas that money is ‘filthy’ or ‘evil’, or that there is never enough to go around. For example, think of standard clichés like ‘filthy rich’, ‘money is the root of all evil’, or ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’ that have wormed their way into the collective consciousness. As with media influences, most of us receive negative cultural messages about money every day. They arrive in forms such as conversations and discussions with co-workers; gossip; arguments with spouses or family members; even negative self-talk as a result of things like not having the money to pay for something, or becoming envious of someone who has more money than you do.

The key to breaking out of this ‘hardship cycle’ is to simply change our beliefs surrounding money. Manifesting money can be much easier than you think, if you learn to let go of certain misperceptions. 

Money is neutral.

Money itself is neither good nor evil: it is completely neutral. Whether it’s ‘good’ or ‘bad’ depends on what we do with it. There may be some misguided individuals who have manifested a lot of money through illegitimate or illegal means, at the expense of others or the common good, but they aren’t really wealthy… they just have a lot of money. There’s a big difference between having lots of money and being truly wealthy. Money itself is just a means of exchange, nothing more. It is possible to acquire a lot through negative means, but true wealth comes from doing things you love, providing great value to others, and using the wealth you manifest to create even more positive things.

In truth, manifesting money is a natural by-product of living your life well. When you approach manifesting money with a positive mindset and the intention to provide value to others through doing things you love and enjoy, you will succeed and you will receive it – as long as you persist in your positive activities and follow through on your intentions.

Whatever you believe, you’re right!

As with everything in our life experience, our perception determines what manifests in our experience. If we believe something is a certain way, it will be. Look at anyone who is experiencing financial hardship, and I guarantee you will find that they have some sort of negative perceptions surrounding money. And as you know, our perceptions create our experience. To start manifesting money in your life now, you need to change your negative perceptions!

Start by seeing yourself as wealthy. Really get into the experience and imagine yourself as rich. See yourself manifesting money easily and effortlessly. Feel it as it flows to you in avalanches of abundance, and experience the joy of having the freedom to be, have, do and give what you want, when you want, where you want, as much as you want. You are worthy of it – everyone is! Anyone who tells you differently is simply under the wrong impression – you don’t have to be.

Let go of all negative perceptions surrounding money. Start to see it for what it is: energy, just like everything else. And start to see that ‘money-energy’ as a wonderful tool that you can use for many great things. Think about all that you can do for others, and think about all that you can do for yourself. Look at people who have lots of money and be happy for them – even those who may have received their wealth through illegitimate means. Look at the money you have right now – no matter how much – and be grateful for it. Know that there is no limit to anything; that there is always more than enough to go around, and that by manifesting money in your life you can contribute to greater wealth for everyone.

Do what you love!

Imagine yourself doing what you’re passionate about in a way that creates great value for others. Imagine making a lot of money doing it. See and feel yourself doing this right now… and let yourself go with it. See what ideas bloom in your consciousness… when you begin to cultivate a wealth mindset with passion, Infinite Energy (the universe) will start to send you clues on how to bring it to fruition.

You might have a job that you would love to do. If so, start looking at what you need to do to get into that job. Perhaps you want to start a business of some kind. Great! Take action and look into what you need to do to get started. Never doubt for a second that you can do it… you can. Just remember: it all starts with one step. Then another. Then another, and another, and another. The important thing is not to stop – as you continue, the size of your ‘steps’ will grow and so will your results. It’s how all successful careers and companies are built!

And if you already love your job or business, congratulations – you’re already on the racetrack! Place your focus on making it better and doing things in the best possible way. Be creative and have fun with it!

Learn to let go.

One more key element is that of letting go. The more we attach ourselves to things – such as money – the more we tend to block them from entering our lives. The key lies in learning to experience having what you want right now – without needing it, hoping for it or focusing on the fact that it hasn’t arrived yet.

It sounds tricky, but it simply means believing with all your heart that you have what you want while not making your happiness dependent on having it. Essentially, you’re letting Infinite Energy know that you’d prefer to have what you’re asking for, but you’re totally happy whether you have it or not.

As you imagine yourself as wealthy and affirm manifesting money, it helps to add the statement ‘this or something even better’ to your affirmations. As strange as it may sound, requesting something specific and then detaching from it completely is the most effective way to manifest it.

Remember: you are already wealthy!

Manifesting money starts with believing that you are already wealthy, and that you’re worthy of unlimited wealth – because you are. Call it a millionaire – or billionaire – mindset. Most of the world’s richest people have this ingrained in their belief systems, often subconsciously… and as a result they’re very good at manifesting money. They desire it and believe that they’re worthy of great wealth, and consequently they generate the thoughts and take the actions to manifest it.

If you don’t need to be one of the world’s wealthiest people, that’s fine too! Not everyone wants to be a billionaire. But every one of us can – and should – have all the money we want and need to have, do, be and give everything that we desire, and then some. Every one of us has the power to achieve this. Financial freedom is your natural birthright – enjoy it!