My Way To Manifesting Wealth

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I wish I had a totally effortless way for manifesting wealth. I wish I could just tell you to click on that dollar-picture and then you’d have that pile of money transferred to your e-bank account right here, right now. Not enough for your needs? Well, click again! Because living your fabulous life is also about being comfortable economically, whatever that means to you.

I’m not a multi-millionaire. So I can’t tell you “do like me and become rich”. But I’m OK when it comes to money. I’ve learned manifesting wealth – if I want something I close my eyes and visualize it. Yes, seriously!!

I’ve read The Science of Getting Rich and even did the Practical Genius course. I’ve watched The Secret and I know all about Law of Attraction. And I know that this stuff works!

Want money? Start daydreaming about money! Loads of money! Imagine opening a drawer and there is a huge pile of notes, fantasize logging into your bank account and the numbers on the plus side are fabulously huge. Write a check to yourself! You need manifesting wealth by imagining it at first – then you’ll see you’ll get the opportunities and then you act. Doors will open, chances will be presented to you.

So how come I’m not a multi-millionaire? Probably because I’ve never really wished for it! If you’ve watched The Secret you remember how one of the teachers, Jake Canfield, explained how he faked and clued a 100 000 dollar check in the ceiling over his bed, so it would be the first thing he saw waking up in the morning and before closing his eyes at night. He really, really desired those money and he really, really desired to become a millionaire – and he became one. Get some lessons from him on how to manifest wealth here.

My Way To Manifesting Wealth

One of my huge desires in life has been my home, the home I now live in. It all started by a visualization of what it would be like. I used to cut out pictures from magazines to make my goal seem more real, more clear. And I loved sitting looking in my scrapbook and daydream! Actually, daydreaming is like writing your order catalog with Universe. Read some stories about how my wishes came true here.

If you deep down believe that you’ll never get rich, that only “other” people get rich or that only disgusting people get rich, then you most likely will never get rich, either. Or you might think you don’t deserve to get rich or firmly believe that you’ll stay poor all your life – and, well, as good old Henry Ford wisely said:

Whether you believe you can or you believe you can not, you’re usually right.

You might even believe that you’ll get rich one day, but act, talk and think in a way that works against you.

Manifesting wealth in your life means realizing that there are enough money for everyone in the world. Money is just an energy, a stream. They are meant to circulate. You need to demonstrate that by giving money away. When you feel poor you tend to cling onto every cent, being very cautious about what you spend. I’m not saying you should run out and buy new clothes instead of paying the electricity bill, but by giving away money you are actually letting your fear of being broke go.

I used to say that when I became more wealthy I’d support a child in the third world. Then I decided – why wait? Now I’ve supported a little boy in Morocco for two years. And I tell you what – not even one month didn’t I have money to give. And of course, I’ve never become broke because I give these money away – quite contrary. Give – and you’ll receive. Manifesting wealth is really that easy.

And don’t forget all the great things that already exist in your life! Showing gratitude means that you focus on what you want more. Focus on what’s great – get it! Focus on what’s shit – get that! It’s your choice!