Manual Treadmills Are Worth Considering

Manual treadmills can be worth considering. Especially when you are thinking of buying one of the cheaper treadmills. Why? Well basically because the motor is one of the weakest links in the cheaper treadmills. A cheap treadmill means a cheap motor.

But manual treadmills don’t have a motor. So no cheap motor that may break down.

And they can be convenient too. They are often lighter and more easy to move, especially if you buy a manual folding treadmill.

But a manual treadmill can have it’s downside. With no motor the belt is driven by the treadmill user. This may be fine whenyou begin your workout but once you start to tire the extra effort to keep the belt turning may be a burden. Especially with a manual treadmill for runners it may detract from the continuity of the workout as the treadmill runner finds it harder to keep turning the belt.

In other words, if the belt keeps going you can keep going, but if you have to push it then you may well stop. With a motorised treadmill the belt pushes you, with a manual treadmill you push the belt!

Manual Treadmills Are Worth Considering

And it can be harder to get the belt moving initially, which may stress joints, especially amongst older people. Often people find that they need to lower the incline to get the belt started but when they get going they feel they can increase the incline, but by then it’s too late. To do that they need to stop and get off, then get it started again. And of course you can’t adjust the incline as you walk or run.

Manual treadmills, although lighter than motorised ones, can be a little less sturdy. They can also be more prone to noise and rattling than a heavy solid motorised one.

If you want an opinion on a manual treadmill then ask a manual treadmill owner. Whether or not they prefer their manual model to a motorised model they will always prefer the price. Because that is the best feature of a manual treadmill. You can get one for a couple of hundred dollars!!